The Christmas Fairy Has Landed!

The Christmas Fairy Has Landed!

Strength, from the Dark Grimoire Tarot

The Christmas Fairy was pretty good to me this year… My family drew names this year, and of course it came with the requisite making a list of the stuff I want be-gifted to me by my designated elf. To make things easier, I had some decks I wanted on my Amazon Wish List, so I added that to my list. My step-dude got my name, and only saw the “tarot decks” part on my list, ignoring the second part that said “tarot decks… on my Amazon Wish List”. He was pretty excited, went online, and ordered a couple of decks that he thought looked cool or that I would like. My mom got kind of ticked off that he jumped the gun, and told him that I have a lot of decks, and she was worried that I might have some of the decks he ordered. So… she went onto my Wish List, and ordered a couple of them, just to make sure I’d open something I didn’t already have.

I ended up with four decks to open! I couldn’t believe it… I thought I’d end up with like two. I mean… we had a $50-60 limit. Step-dude did pretty well on his picks, I have to admit. They were all decks that I didn’t have. To start, he chose the Golden Tarot, which my mom wisely decided to keep for herself, and not wrap. It’s a nice deck, but it’s not me at all. No connection! I can’t think of a more beautiful and well-rendered deck that I could be less interested in. It’s not quite like my issues with the Gilded, but close. It’s like being on a blind date with someone that you have ZERO chemistry with, who also has spinach stuck in their teeth during the whole evening. But what I opened up, was pretty damn cool! He really nailed it! I was delighted to open the Deviant Moon. I really love it… So much more than I thought I would. Those darn prints from the artist that my friend the ever-awesome Submerina posted gave me major jelz, and totally convinced me that THIS. WAS. A. DECK. I. NEEDED! I’m in a phase now where I’m not buying any pretty-arty decks. I’m only buying decks that I think I will be able to read with. I’ve played with it a bit, and need to post a proper deck interview. I’m not sure about it’s attitude yet, but I think it’s a bit witty and sarcastic. Sardonic? We’ll see.

The other Step-Dude deck was one I’ve never heard of… LS’s Dark Grimoire tarot. It’s not one I’d usually go for, not immediately, but I’m pretty impressed by it. It’s got magickal/sorcery themes, and the art is a bit on the dark side. What I like about it, is that it’s not gothy dark, or film-noir dark. It’s got this subtle sepia tone that it almost archival, set off by faint but powerful light and shadow. It’s the kind of color you’d only get from candle light cast on a piece of parchment. Even the more nightmarish images are done in a deep, earthy, yet etheric way. It’s dark, but somehow warmed by welcome bits of illumination. Like you’re digging for the answers to the mysteries, and right when they are about to be revealed, they may vanish into thin air. The High Priestess may be one of my very favorite HPs of all times. Her shadow side is evident, but she is surrounded by the warm glow of fireflies. I wish I could find a picture… I can’t think of a better way to say MYSTERIES. Even where it is at it’s most nightmarish, it feels like part of some Shamanic dream or journey. There is no softness or cruelty. It reveals things as they are. I’m surprised to be so struck by the deck… I can’t think of one that’s done this to me in a long time. I’m not sure if I’m ready to read with it, since I can tell that it will probably cut to the core in ways that my Thoth cannot. Thoth dances around things at times, infusing them with an Erisian confusion or level of complexity that isn’t always helpful. I don’t see the DG as being mean or cruel. Just forthright, and honest without being blunt or unkind. Revealing, but for the purposes of transformation, so that one can ascend to the next level. Of course, I haven’t read with it yet. I’m not ready! But that’s my initial observation.

The Universe, from the Tarot of the Four Elements

#12- Flame of Surrender, from the Triple Goddess Tarot (equivalent of the Hanging Man)

On my Wish List, I got to open the Tarot of the Four Elements and Triple Goddess Tarot. I think they’re both going to be more meditation decks for me rather than reading or divination. The joyful naivete and bright bold bursts of color sold me on both of them. The Triple Goddess is a bit more fluffy bunny goddess than I usually go for, but it’s sort of a welcome break from the Dark Goddess archetypes that have been wreaking havoc in my life. Same message, gentler messenger. It’s not a traditional deck, although it has some tarot correspondences. It’s like an expanded set of majors, with additional cards for each of the chakras. I’m going to have to play with the chakra cards… I’d been looking at something similar from Carol Herzer, the artist who also did the Illuminated Tarot. Maybe these ones will give me some ideas of how I might use something like that before I plunk down the biggity bucks. (All of her decks and art is gorgeous…. It’s well worth the money). The Four Elements is a perfect one-two punch for me… STRONG elemental correspondences, and HAPPY-HAPPY-JOY-JOY color.  It’s the kind of style that I always instinctively gravitate to… Bold graphic patterns, lime green, tangerine, busting loose all over the place! Again, I don’t see this deck being a good reading deck for me. The Majors are fantastic, but the pips are more or less repetitive. I need RWS-style pips, or I can’t read for shit. Yet, for doing any kind of elemental work, I’m thinking this deck will be a welcome addition. You can feel the specific elements whooooshing out of them. It gives me happy-fire… HAPPY-FIRE! No other deck does that, except maybe Sakki-Sakki.

All in all, I’d say I pretty much scored big! I felt guilty to open so many different things, but it was very cool and unexpected. Sure, it’s taken me a week to write it up, but I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed. Four decks is a lot at once for me… They really do zap my energy. In this case, it’s totally worth it.


3 thoughts on “The Christmas Fairy Has Landed!

  1. Ooooooh, now _I_ haz a jelz 😀 Great, GREAT picks, espcially those last two riots of colour. Mmmmmm… I got a teeny tiny voucher for Xmas and it’s going towards paying partially for a deck. I was considering those two, but think it’s going to be the Fantastic Menagerie.

    The Dark Grimoire gets a lot of h8, but I’ve always thought the images to be wonderful. Yes, it’s a little dark, but it doesn’t seem just dark for the sake of it. It looks like a “reader”. Can you imagine doing a combined reading with the Grimoire and the 4 Elements? HA HA HA! How’s that for Erisian 😉

    Should be opening my pressies to myself Monday night, if they’re in my mailbox. Squeeee!

  2. I guess I can understand the DG gettin’ some haters, since it’s not in the same vein as other dark decks. The people want vampires, gothy, victorian, and baroque themes, but that leaves this one out. Well… hmph! That’s what I like about it.

    Fantastic Menagerie… Perfecto! It’s delightfully bizarre!

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