Temperance & the Great Infinite Hamster Wheel of Chaos & Order!

Temperance & the Great Infinite Hamster Wheel of Chaos & Order!

I’m glad to have some calm in my Mystical Cassarole O’ Plenty. It’s almost a relief that things have quieted down. They won’t stay quiet for long, of course. I’m a SINGLE FIVE… ON FIRE! Even my moments of clutching at primordial chaos and spiritual despair have a more or less predictable pattern. My inconsistancies and my relative ease with them are what make me a good little Eris Worshipper… It makes no sense for a girl who is delighted and obsessed with the creative possibilities inherant in destructive-seeming chaos to be so damn, well.. Organized. I am equally obsessed with patterns as with oozing incoherant jumbles of shamelessly mis-matched junk. The push-pull of Chaos vs. Order and the delicious balance between the two is the theme of my entire life, both mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, professionally, and of course in my personal relationships. It is why Temperance is my shadow. I am constantly pulled by both my creative trickster side (manifested through Eris) and my truthiness-wisdomy side (kicked into high gear through Maat/Athena/Sophia/She Who Has No Name But Adores Scales & Spreadsheets With Equal Aplomb). I wonder if perhaps Temperance is my shadow, because the two don’t seem at all compatible, yet they seem to have a kind of flow for me. Naturally, it’s been hard won.

One of the things that I love about many different renditions of Temperance is that her (I always think of her as female or at least a dude with really pretty hair) water flows up as well as down, always moving, and always connected like a mobius strip, or a DNA strand. It flows up, it flows down. Constant. It takes a great deal of balance and skill to get it to do that, and I have to admit… It’s a pretty cool party trick. She stands, firmly yet deftly, in a very focused yet quite tranquil state.

The drums go… order / CHAOS / order / CHAOS / order / CHAOS / order / CHAOS / order /CHAOS-CHAOS-CHAOS… / order / CHAOS / order / CHAOS / order / CHAOS / order / CHAOS / order / order / CHAOS /

Both of them weave in and out, sometimes simultaneously, like a biorythm… Up, down, up, down, with one always following the other. Hmmm… What else does it remind me of? There are two cups, some water, and… Hmmm… I can’t quite put my finger on it, but…

Ah. Yes. Hi Temperance. I see what you just did there. It’s not so much a great and conflict-rife push-pull wedged between my spleen, my psyche, and my pineal gland. It’s become a rythmic and contantly churning motion, infinite. One cannot exist without the other, so I gleefully and willfully jump through the hoops it presents. It’s a pattern, and I’m a Single 5, so of course I adore it! Single 5’s and patterns go hand in hand… Unlike some of my cohorts, I don’t necessarily go looking for them. They just sort of spring to life before my eyes. OH! I totally see it now! Sometimes I strive to see where things fit, but FIRE GIRL gets figety and bored easily. The deep delving doesn’t happen. The pattern, the order, can be taken apart and put back together again in a different way. That could be fun… or… it could also be taken apart and left there in a heap until I get back to it, which may be never. I’m sort of predictable that way. Really? Yes. Really.

The Great & Poweful Infinite Hamster Wheel of Chaos & Order! Hail Eris! Huzzah for Hierophants! Ma-aa-at is alllllllll tha-aa-at! And… erm… uh… Hagia Sophia? It’s a completely different sort of wheel than the Wheel of Fortune. When this bad boy spins around, and you know exactly where it’s gonna go.

Truly profound? Not really, yet still profoundly true. I knew going into this month that we’d have Divine Radio Silence. Fine by me. The Gods & Monsters have kept my spiritual life snapping, crackling, and popping over the last few months. I’ve had quiet weeks, but this month has been dead. For the first time in a long time, I feel good about it. Right about it. I saw it coming. I needed a break. November’s MONTH of ACID-REFLUXY DESTRUCTION & TRANSFORMATION, now with Extra Faux-Morning Sickness, brought to you by Special K was brutal. That’s chaos too, but of a completely different ilk than the Discordian variety. Take the good, take the bad, then you have the… Facts of Life as an Erisean. Order= Peace this month. Tradition. Familiarity. Comfort. Family. The kind of stuff you can always lean on if the shit gets too intense, and trust me… shit does get intense!

Temperance is finding a middle ground along the slope, steadying yourself, and exercising a little bit of skillfully wielded control to keep the gears oiled and the pumps primed, so the Show can go on… without making it look like work. Because it’s not work. It’s not always easy, but it’s not always unpleasant either. It has to keep moving, or the careful balance will be all but lost. Sometimes the show is quite good, other times you’ve got to bear an act or two that isn’t your favorite, but…



3 thoughts on “Temperance & the Great Infinite Hamster Wheel of Chaos & Order!

  1. Yay – I’ve been waiting for this one! But first: I had to spit my drink back at “or at least a dude with really pretty hair” 😀 Can’t get the idea of Fabio as Temperance out my head now DAMN YOU! Gotta make that Sarky Tarot a reality…

    I love what you’ve done here; DNA strands and Hamster Wheels of Chaos and patterns. Mmm, patterns. They make me itch in funny places… What’s really great about these posts of yours – for me, at least and isn’t it always about me? – is that you manage to explain the things I can’t. Or don’t. Or simply neglect. There’s so much similarity, even in the midst of the differences.

    Would that be Temperance smirking in our general direction? I think she just might be Eris in disguise…

  2. I definitely want to create a deck. A real deck. I’ve been mulling it over. Again… another post idea!

    Sorry about the… erm… itching. -_^!

    I constantly come back to one point… Our respective journey’s, while the detours are a little different, keep overlapping in some very key places. This is important, though I’m not sure why at this point. You look at tarot from a perspective that I myself struggle with, and vice versa.

    I got a few Temperance-As-Shadow vs. Eris bursts of intuition. I gotta put that to paper sooner or later.

  3. While I have dozens of deck ideas stashed away (along with their massive copyright issues…), actually working with the tarot has changed my opinions so much that it will be years before I have a firm enough grasp on what the cards mean to me. Maybe never. And at this point, I don’t even care 🙂

    Baby, we _are_ Temperance 😉 Criss-ing and cross-ing sans backwards pants, touching-in-a-completely-non-harrasing-way-unless-you-want-it-to-be-like-that-nudge-nudge-wink-wink every so often and taking little bits of the other to be incorporated into our personal streams. Or something deep and metaphorical like that.

    Eris just sits back and laughs.

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