Semi-Daily Cardy Party:

Semi-Daily Cardy Party:

So… it’s time for the Semi-Daily Cardy Party! Whoohoo! And what, pray tell, is this day going to be like? Hmmm? Bueller? Bueller?

2 of Swords / The Sun / 6 of Wands

I’ve been pulling the 6 of Wands and Sun combo a lot recently. I did a spread recently on some health issues I’ve been having, and darn it if they didn’t show up there as well. I’m thinking that today isn’t going to be a very eventful day, but it’s certainly not going to be a bad one. I probably won’t have any new projects, but will move forward and get completely caught up on the ones that I do have. I’m not bored, but more or less content to have a little bit of down time. It’s always like that in my line of work the week of Christmas. Always. I’m feeling good, physically, compared to the last few days. I had a rough morning, since fatigue and chronic pain make cold rainy mornings pretty brutal. At this point, I’ve totally 6-O’-Wanded it, and am feeling quite improved. I’m in a good mood. I had a lot of tough projects last week, that I am seeming to wrap up all at the same time. I’m doing a whole hell of a lot of nothing after a pretty crazy and hectic end of the week last week. It’s not a bad kind of boredom, like I often experience when I’m caught up. It’s sort of nice and mellow. At home, I’m thinking I’ll probably be in a fairly decent mood. Again, nothing eventful seems like it’s going to happen. No major changes. Everything will just stay as is, but it’s not a bad thing at all. It’s a nice reprieve, and mentally and physically it’s agreeing with me. I’m not sure why it doesn’t bother me to be bored or caught up today, but the Sun confirms that it’s sure as hell not a bad place to be.

My Daily Cardy Party says "let’s keep it chill, keep it real, and good we’ll feel". I’m totally makin’ plans this evening for take-out (Carribean, I’m thinking. Fresh, tasty, juicy Sun-approved food), a nice glass of wine (White maybe? Would probably go with Island Slaw pretty well), and a book to upload to my Kindle. Something bitch-lit worthy. Nothing heavy. Nothing profound is going to stick with me today. 2 of Swords, baby! Nothing in, nothing out.

I also just got a really nice email from a Higher Up thanking me for a lot of the extra stuff I’ve been taking on lately.

6 of Wands? Yes, indeed!


3 thoughts on “Semi-Daily Cardy Party:

  1. Gah! I hate those sucky Old Navy mannequin-model ads! If I did, it sure as hells bells wasn’t on purpose… Crikey!

    And as for the 6 of Wands… I think I’ma just gonna call it the 6 of WIN. ^_^

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