Daily Draw: I am AWESOME and Full of WIN!

Daily Draw: I am AWESOME and Full of WIN!

I’ve been posting using email, which jacks up the formatting of my posts, but certainly goes a long way in making them more convenient. Hooray for convenience! I’ve been feeling the need to get back into doing regular Daily Draws. It’s a practice that has helped me more than any other tarot exercise or process I’ve done. It’s so simple, yet it’s amazing how much good solid practice makes a difference for me. I’ve noticed that I learn better or develop my skills better through pouring over the mundanities, rather than the BIG PICTURE. I am a fire girl, after all. Sure I see the BIG PICTURE, and have a rudimentary idea of how to get there, but the complex rivulets and tributaries of mysticism get in the way. I don’t have the patience for them. The foggy road map is good enough.

Through Tarot, I find that working through my day-to-day issues helps me to understand Tarot far better than any complex, theraputic, or more spiritually focused spread ever would. While I definitely reap the benefits of using the tarot for spiritual development and working through psychological issues, these processes don’t do dick-all to help me understand tarot better. Myself, yes. The tarot in and of itself? No. I notice that by doing daily readings, and keeping at it, I seem to keep building a stronger foundation that makes deeper and more complex spreads easier beasts to wrestle with. None of it is easy, of course. Still, it’s an improvement. It’s all a matter of confidence. Sure, this is one of many approaches, but for me it’s the best. I spent too many years using tarot to confront and work through the BIG PICTURE ISSUES. I didn’t get very far with my issues or increasing my knowledge of tarot. TAROT… YR DOIN’ IT WRONG. By using tarot to look at my workday, or annoyance with idiots in traffic, my readings that delve deeper into the ether are just that much better. Snap! Crackle! Pop! Boo-yeah, Motherfucker! vs. Pffffflllllllmmmpmeeeehhhhh-zzzzzzzzzzzzzsshhhhhhh. Big difference.

And what does today bring, O’ Wise Yet Noble Daily Draw?

Six of Wands / Ace of Wands / Chariot

Well, well, well… This is awesome, and right on point, on a bunch of different levels. Physically, I’m feeling pretty damn skippy today. I have more energy than I’ve had in a while. More motivation. I’ve got some chronic pain related issues, and this week has been difficult for me. I’m seeing some improvement today. Not total, but a recent flare-up of my condition is finally starting to simmer down after a very rough couple of days. We are moving in the right direction. With work, I am taking on a few projects for others who needed my help. These are projects that aren’t easy to deal with, but I happen to have the skillset to attack them head-on. It feels good to be recognized for doing something well. I’ve been so bored lately, that I welcome the challenges. Sure, it’s not easy, but I am in my element, as these wildy blazing wands profess. Today, for all of it’s challenges, seems to be shaping up to be a GREAT SUCCESS on a number of different levels. I feel good. My work is good. Whatever comes up today, I will have the energy and motvation to attack it head-on, with just the right amount of enthusiasm. I know it didn’t show up, but the Magician seems applicable here as well. Maybe I might want to do a little working today? It seems like a damn good day for it, although I’d have to do it quickly. Thanks a lot, Chariot! Way to swing low… I was all like… “Whoohoo! Today is a damn good day to be full of magick win! Yay! Let’s DO IT!”. Of couse the moon is void of course starting at 12:07pm until around 2:30 am tomorrow. If I am going to do… it would need to already be done.

I’ve been also working through some diet/food issues of late, using some tarot and magickal practices. I’ve been doing some small thigns daily, rather than one big working, to help keep me motivated towards change. I did a small meditation/working this morning, when I was feeling especially daunted by it. I’m trying to change how I think about my food issues and dieting, to make any weight I lose a lasting change. Doing small workings seems to help keep me moving in the right direction, and also keeps me focused. I was thinking that I am just too tired to drive into the City tomorrow to weigh-in at my diet doctor’s office. “Why not go off for a few weeks? It’s the holidays, afterall. You’re not going to stick to it anyways”. I said no. No. Part of changing is overcoming this little voice of self-sabotage and not letting it deter me. I must go to the doctor tomorrow. This weekly weigh-in is helpful in keeping me going. It’s made a difference. I’ve triumphed over the Little Voice by wielding my will, pushing myself, and also creatively using that which is at my disposal. I have resources! They are working, but it takes constant focus. Today, I won, as my daily draw has obviously demonstrated. I’m not even hungry. Tomorrow may be different, but I will keep at it if I want to see a change.

Well… I shall keep on keepin’ on. I didn’t have to use my AK. I gotta say it was a good day.


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