Job Search Outlook Spread: “They Took Our JERBS!”

Job Search Outlook Spread: “They Took Our JERBS!”

I did a spread for my mom on her job search. I did the same Outlook spread from Power Tarot that I did for my sister, with a similar question. I am going to remember that spread for future reference. It’s a really good spread for a job search. I tweaked it a little, but I’ve got to admit that it seems to answer things thoroughly and aptly. Of course, all of the initial cards I pulled were majors. I mean, there were a few minors when I flipped down additional cards, but I always read the first card I throw down as the “primary” with the second or third as “clarifiers”, if more info is needed. That’s why some spots of my reads have one, while others might have one/two/three. I never explained that… So… now I just did! Huzzah! This was a really good one. Very insightful, and spot-on.

Job Search Outlook Spread

  1. Outlook for Job Search as it is Now
  2. Who or What will Help
  3. How You’ll Feel About It
  4. What it Will Lead To
  5. Eventual Outcome or Timing

I just laid them out like this….



Outlook- Strength

This looks promising. She will have to be proactive, but not frantically so about it. Put some effort into it, and they will come to you. She won’t have to exhaust herself looking on Monster and pumping out resumes. Instead, she’ll need to calmly begin to look, put her feelers out there, and they’ll come to her. I always view Strength as the card of gentle but steady energy and activity. Her work is her passion, and I feel that Strength implies that she needs to keep looking in that area. She’ll also need to be more like the Lion Tamer in an emotional sense. By taking on that role, she’ll have the confidence she needs to take on a new job. She won’t need to hard sell herself… Her talents will be evident. It is through work, not through talk that she’ll get her due.

Who or What Will Help: The Moon/9 of Cups

She’s been in a bit of rut. Her career is vital to who she is as a person and how she sees herself. To not be working is hard for her, but it’s just as much emotional as it is physical. I asked her how she saw herself and where she saw herself, realistically, in terms of her job hunt. She told me that she was beginning to think that she was washed-up, that she needed to aim lower rather than higher. That because of all of her set-backs, she was starting to think she was too old to start a new job in her current field and that she might want to look for an admin or clerk job. This is utterly depressing to her, of course. She is a planner, and a good one at that. The Moon is big on illusions. She is seeing herself or her future in a way that is not completely illuminated. By allow the illusion of stepping into a lower position, rather than the one she is best suited for, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If she continues to see herself that way, she will get exactly what she wishes for. She holds the power here. If she chooses to be reflective of the situation, and works to see herself as worthy of the success she’s worked so hard for… She’ll get exactly what she wishes for as well. Working through how she perceives herself and her future is what will help if she chooses the more illuminated path. I told her that she can’t be washed up… The lobster was in the water, but he was crawling out. And look at how far the river is stretched out a head. He can stay in the pool, or go play with the big dogs. He holds the power, and so does she.

How You’ll Feel About It: Judegment/7 of Pents

She is definitely going to go for an interview, and I think it will be with someone she really wants to meet with, like one of the spin-offs from her former employer. This is going to be a very positive experience, I’m thinking. They will recognize her accomplishments. I also feel that there is some divine intervention here, and that it’s really crucial that she work with that to help proceed towards her goal. (She’s into angels, guides, and what-not, so it made sense to her). She will be rising up from a dark place, which it’s no doubt been. She loves her work, and it’s hard to not be able to do it. She’s very good at it too. I see that they will recognize all that she’s worked towards, and the growth she’s helped foster. A lot of the processes she implemented, and ideas she helped to innovate at her old job are still in use now, even after 20 years. “You mean you started XYZ? XYZ is great! We still have it, and we use it all of the time.” I believe she will get the chance to reflect on all of this, while also poising herself to make some kind of decision. It will be in her hands, and some kind of turning point is implied. “Well… I’ve done all of this. I’m taking a little break, but… now what comes next?”. I believe she will have opportunities based on this history, and the skills she’s worked hard for. Selling herself short will not make this possible. Again, she has all of the power. She just has to recognize it and work with it.

What This Will Lead To: Justice/The Devil

Things will work out as they are intended to. She will get what she justly deserves, and what she’s worked so hard for. It will feel as if the right balance has finally been achieved. The Devil is a warning that the only issue that she has as far as her job search are self-imposed limitations that hold her back. This is at the crux of her struggle. Don’t aim low… Aim towards the bulls-eye. The chains aren’t on very tight. She can throw them off. She knows that, but the Moon brings up emotional stuff related to the job that makes it easy to get mired in problems that are self-inflicted.

Timing: Ace of Cups (Since we had a good idea of the outcome, we flipped the last card for timing)

I always read cups as Spring, because of Spring Fever and April Showers. Spring is a cuppy time! Fall is swords, due to the crispness in the air, wands are summer due to all of that warm and fiery stuff, and pents are winter because winter is just an earthy time. Had any other cup come up, I would have read it in context… But the Ace? Definitely. No doubt. No pussyfooting around… SPRING for sure! April, most likely.


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