The Sun: Ballad of the Naked Baby Dancer

The Sun: Ballad of the Naked Baby Dancer

We had a little family get-together last night, and since I was pimping my new case for my Pocket Waite, I whipped that bad boy out and went to town! Town being my mom’s kitchen table. I’ve read for my sister in the past, but I’ve never read for my mom before. It’s been hard for me to let go of some of my anger towards her when it comes to tarot. I’m glad that she’s changed, becoming more of Unitarian Universalist with a smattering of new-agey Sylvia Browne sauce, even though she still attends the Lutheran church I grew up in. She still believes in most of it, but she’s more open to other ideas. Now, she loves the tarot! Is fascinated by it! She’s never asked me to read for her, and I’ve never offered. It’s been my own issue to deal with.

Since I had my cards with me, my sister wanted a reading. My mom did too. I decided that there was no point in harping on my past issues. My mom is different now. I also thought that she’d be interesting to read for, since whenever people read for her, they pull all majors. I also thought it would be a good way to get past my problems, and break the ice.

I had some extremely good reads! They were some of the best short ones I’ve ever done. My mom and sister make excellent querants. They talk to me, rather than just sitting there, and we unraveled the spread’s story together! I’m going to do two posts, one on my mom’s reading, one on my sister’s.

My sister had some questions on her career. 9 of Swords came us as the outlook for her job search for now. The 3 of Wands came up as what would help. The 5 of Swords and 5 of Wands came up for what it would lead to. The 8 of Pents and The Sun came up to show how she’d feel about it. I puled the 10 of Pentacles as the final outcome. Basically she was recently let go at her job under absolutely horrible conditions. It was a job with a government agency where she was on a one year probation. She was treated terribly and abusively by a group of menopausal ladies in the office, one of which was the HR contact she would have gone to to report such. The Office Bitch pretty much got her fired. It was pretty terrible. She’s a really hard worker, and is very affable and capable. She gets along with almost everyone (except for me!). She was let go not for performance, but for “not fitting in with the office”. She saw it coming, but it was still a blow. Right around the holidays too… and being a single mom who hasn’t gotten child support in quite some time, this is devastating. 9 of Swords? Hello obvious!

And the 3 of Wands? Basically, she’s been sticking with taking jobs in our small home town, not seeking to venture beyond that for other opportunities. Considering going to the next town, or taking on a short commute will be something that may help her. Even stepping out of the field she’s been in, the medical field, could be an option as well. At any rate, she may have to put herself out there in some way, leaving some safety, security, or routine behind in order to move forward in a positive direction. She’s been thinking of going into the Air Force, or possibly taking on a job with a different county agency that is not medical related. These options definitely fit into the 3 of Wands, but part of me thinks she may need to look farther.

5 of Swords and 5 of Wands… By following the 3 of Wands course, it may lead to some conflict and inner-struggle. I think it might be short-lived, when seeing the other cards, but it’s something she is going to have to work through. I think the environment she just left is the perfect example of the 5 of Swords situation. The Office Bitch backstabbed her most horribly, and had everything to do with her being fired. Although performance wise she was doing well, they pretty much pulled the rug out from under her. There was a great deal of squabbling and bickering amongst the Office Hens in relation to her. I don’t see that she will be entering a situation just like the one she left, but more that she will need to work through the past within herself so that she doesn’t imprint that on to her new position. There is outer conflict and inner conflict here. She will struggle with venturing out (especially to leave her child if she goes into the Air Force), and with the past. It will work out, but she’ll need to work through it. She was betrayed most terribly, leading to a potentially rough time financially and emotionally. It makes sense that she might carry some of that with her to her next job.

8 of Pents & The Sun… When she saw the 8 of Pents she remarked “Hey… that guy looks like he’s working, that good, right?” I nodded. Good call. She looked at the Sun and laughed. “You’re gonna have to explain the Dancing Naked Baby”. “Things will work out. She is going to be working and learning something new. I get a sense of rank or hierarchy? She’ll be readily improving on skills she already has, but will be using them in a new way. She’ll be working very hard, but it will be work she will enjoy. She will have a sense of pride and accomplishment. This will be a very healthy situation, both emotionally, mentally, and physically. She will be recognized for the good work that she does. This tells me that those fives are definitely more of self-imposed illusion. They are internal, not external. The external is what we see here… Hard work, but good work with recognition. She deserves that. This jives with the 3 of Wands very well. From the 9 of Swords to the Sun, we know for sure that the darkness will pass and that it will indeed be daytime again.

10 of Pentacles... As a final outcome for a career spread, I don’t think it gets much better than that. She will start to build the beginnings of a foundation that will provide financial stability for herself and her daughter. This whole situation will benefit her family’s future in the long term, and this is just the start. They will thrive. And… I can stop “lending” her money.

For my niece, I did a quick spread to tell her what she was going to be when she grew up. She is quite the performer and talker. She takes after her Ol’ Auntie Eris more than a little bit. I pulled The Sun, the 10 of Pents, and the 5 of Wands! I shuffled them really well, and read for my mom after my sister before reading for my niece. Same cards as I pulled for her mom, with the same theme?

When she saw the Sun, she remembered what her mom commented. She rolled her eyes at me. “Auntie, I hope you’re not going to tell me I’m going to be a Naked Baby Dancer. That’s just soooooooo pathetic!” (Pathetic is her word of the day… All things are “so pathetic” including people who don’t like Taylor Swift, and avocados. “Avocados… I’m not eating those. They’re soooo pathetic!”) I love how melodramatic she is. Again, she’s like my mini-me!

Thought that since she is quite the entertainer/performer/singer/dancer/talker/charismatic/smarty-pants type, and because her personality card is the Magician that… I told her she’d be a talk-show host like Ellen, and she’d help to people about their families and money problems. I told her that she could probably incorporate some dancing in there, but she’d definitely have some kind of stage. Something where she has an audience, that will be related to working with conflicts when it comes to money, personal finance, and maybe retirement. The thing is… I could see her doing that. But I didn’t want to tell her she’s going to be Suze Ormand. Nope… might as well get some dancing in there for her. We’ll see what happens. 🙂

The kid is a 19-10-1… The Sun. This pretty much guarantees that whatever she does for a living, it will be her passion. She’ll need her soapbox because she is going to be the spokesperson. The kid has a mouth on her. It makes sense.

Afterwards, she ran around the house for a bit shouting “HEY GUYS!! I’M A NAKED BABY DANCER! I’M A NAKED BABY DANCER! I’M A NAKED BABY DANCER!”.

Five year olds are awesome.


2 thoughts on “The Sun: Ballad of the Naked Baby Dancer

  1. Ha ha ha! I love Mini-You. And with those cards, she has a glorious future ahead of her, causing trouble and being the centre of attention on her little stage XD

    I look forward to the day when I can read for the fam.

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