My Pocket Waite Rides In Style, Beetches!

My Pocket Waite Rides In Style, Beetches!

"I don't have a thing to wear! I suppose I *could* go shopping..."

Shopping always seems to put me into Empress mode. Not motherly or creative, but self-indulgent in a delightful way. She might have gotten all those pillows on sale, but the velvet is so deliciously smooth and the colors so vibrant that it hardly matters. The Empress likes to look good, and likes to make things look good. She is the best card for a shopping day to me… This image of  the Empress is from from the Alchemal Tarot by Robert Place. (I love his decks… they are incredible!)

Thanks to a sale at Macy’s yesterday, I scored an adorable Fossil small jewelry case that is the *perfect* size for my pocket Universal Waite. Same print as the one from the link, but the smaller size and a bit cheaper.. I was planning on getting a new bag, and found a really cute echo red bag in a similar deep peacock shade. Peacock blue-green is one of my very favorite colors for fall and winter. It makes me feel good, like all jeweltones do. It’s deep, but has a warmth and a richness to it that other cooler tones do not. I found a fossil wallet to match, and lo-and-behold… there it was! The jewelry case! I don’t need it for jewelry, but I immediately pounced on it.

I’ve really grown to love my pocket Universal Waite. Rather than the larger version of the deck which has a simple but boring pattern of gold stars on a flat dark blue background, the pocket deck I have has the card backs with the single yellow star surrounded by billowy clouds in the night sky. It’s by far my absolutely favorite card back of any deck. I also love the size of the pocket deck also. It feels good in my hands, and I want to use it. For a while, I was carrying it with me in my bag in a little hippie pouch thingy. It was getting a bit banged up that way, and I wanted something a little bit more protective, like a tin or something.

I took one look at the jewelry case and… it was love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

It’s attractive, and protective. I can throw it in my bag without worrying about my cards getting banged up. And… it matches my bag and wallet perfectly. I’m a bit picky about bags. I don’t get new ones very often, and I like the insides to match the outsides. I’m not a bag snob either. If I like the bag, I don’t care if it’s a Coach or whatever. I do have a boring Dooney that I carry when I have meetings to attend for work, or interviews. It’s classic, simple, and more professional looking than the silver Guess bag I usually prefer. Hmmmm… yes. This is related to tarot. Trust me…

I like being able to carry a deck with me, and a pocket deck of any kind is perfect for the job. Lo Scarobeo makes some great mini decks that are up for the challenge (I have a couple of them), but my Pocket Waite is still the best.

I am funny about finding containers for my favorite decks. The ones I use the most, who take up residence in my Tarot Basket by the Couch, don’t feel right to me unless they have their own cozy little next. I’m not one of those “wrap the cards in silk & velvet only!” people. My thought is that you should store your cards however it feels best to you, whether that is a handmade velvet and silk bag you’ve embroideried yourself, or a with a rubberband wrapped around them. I happen to like little zippered pouches, cases, and boxes that have other uses but are just coincidentally about the right size and color. This little jewelry case is exactly the kind of thing I’d love for all of my decks. The colors are beautiful, the size is perfect, and it makes pulling the deck out of it a delight.

I don’t think I’d care if it matched my new bag and wallet or not, but… It certainly doesn’t hurt now does it? Squee! When things match or are perfectly complimented in such a way, it soothes my Queen of Wands driven single 5-ness. The pattern locks itself into place, and it sings! I am funny with color and patterns, part of it is having a design background. The other part of it is my Hierophanty-Panties get in a twist if things aren’t just… { r i g h t } . Things aren’t { r i g h t } until they work in harmony, and harmony requires colors that compliment one another. Example? All of my electronic devices. My laptop is a white MacBook. My laptop desk is apple green. My ipod is apple green. My new kindle (it gets here tuesday! squee!) is white. The leather cover I bought for it? Apple green! Of course. My phone is red. I had the choice of green or red, and I went with red because I always wanted a red phone. Now, I kick myself. It doesn’t match the rest! It feels wrong… Arghhh!!! Or, as my Hierophantyness perfers… !!!WRONG!!!{ r i g h t } vs !!!WRONG!!! is a kind of a big deal. Trust me. I’m an expert!

So, my pocket Waite is nestled happily within it’s new home, with room for a piece of quartz in the side pocket. She is ready to be lovingly used. That deck gives me great reads too… It’s accurate, fast, and to the point. It’s got a can-do attitude. It’s cheerful, but ready to roll up it’s sleeves and get to work. It’s never nasty, muddy, mean, or exhausted. It’s larger counterpart does not work the same. Pocket Waite deserves the best, as it’s given me great reads every time. Besides… the case is pretty! Did I mention that it matches my bag perfectly, even though it’s totally different brand? Oh. Yeah. I did mention that.

Finding the right containers for my favorite decks is a challenge, but it’s usually well worth it. I’m not too keen on drawstring bags, and my biggest pet peeve is getting really nice deck set with a book, and a shitty organza bag to keep the deck in. Can’t you give me a smaller box for the cards? Please? For decks I don’t read with, an index card organizer box works fine. But for decks I love, it’s more of a challenge. FUCK YOU, organza bags! You’re not protecting anyone! You’re only good as a mojo bag. I keep my World Spirit deck in an neat little woven pouch/bag I picked up at World Market. It’s black with very colorful embroidery. I cut the stupid string-strap off, and it’s perfect! The colors and size of the bag fit the deck as if they were made to go together. My Sephiroth is in the same style of bag, except in fuchsia. Jolanda is in an embroideried Guatamalan zippered pouch with orange flowers, and curling green leaves. It matches her personality. Sweet-T, which seems to be Jolanda’s shadow side, is in the same style pouch, but made of velvet with deep purple flowers. Contrast! Yay! I could go on and on… I love my decks more when they find the perfect home.

So… Pocket Waite… you shall go where I go. In style. Empress and Hierophant approved. She likes the color and the pretty pattern, he likes that it matches and that it’s size and practicality couldn’t be more uncannily perfect. Huzzah!


One thought on “My Pocket Waite Rides In Style, Beetches!

  1. Oooooh, score! It’s so purdy and perfectly you. And I approve cimpletely of your red phone to match the apple green and white scheme. Complementary colours, dahlink. You need a little -pop- to keep things alive and flowing. Would I lie to you about colour???

    (That Empress is another on the list of Empresses-that-don’t-make-yak. I love his art style, but wonder how the cards read. They’re so _perfect_ and _clean_ and I’m finding I need more “stuff” going on to get a good read. Coloured pencils and paint = yes!)

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