You Better Work!

You Better Work!

These spreads are soooooooo booooooring. Basically, they only really seem to catch my work day, which is hardly as riveting the term implies. I wouldn’t post them daily, but it’s a good record of progress for me. The easier these come, the more improvement I see. I should have done this years ago… I used to hope for a magic bullet that would somehow help me get past my tarot-tardedness. There is really only one magic bullet… I just have to read, and keep at it. It’s a process! Huzzah!
The Kind of Day We’re Gonna Have
The Magician
I like seeing this cat show up… For me, he usually means that I will be busy doing what I do best. Working my proverbial mojo. Thowin’ it down, so to speak. This isn’t unexpected. I’ve been in a weird limbo at work due to my lack of a manager, but I’ve also been asked to step up and help out in other ways. I’m pretty good at what I do. I’ll admit it. I know the tricks and the work arounds that make the job easier, and I know them well. I am the person you call if you need to know where to find something, or need to know who to talk to, or how to do something. In my weird managerless limbo, I’ve been busier in different ways. We have a lot of noobs, that need someone who does what I do. It feels good to have it recognized. Today there is a lot going on, and I’m thinking I’ll be weaving a spell of corporate something-stuff for the greater good of the sales team. Huzzah! Damn, I am important!
The Best I Can Expect
6 of Pents
Again, I think I will be busy, with emphasis on sharing what I know and taking one or two for the team. I’m not neccessarily in a position of power, but sharing what I know and teaching people how to do things for themselves has been a common theme. Especially for noobs. I have a sense that I’ll be empowering people in some way. Maybe I’ll learn something along the way? This is usually a good card for me. It means a busy workday with the kinds of tasks I enjoy. I don’t sell. I help salespeople sell. There is a difference, and it does have a power of its own.
Best Course of Action I Can Take
Hanged Man
There isn’t much action to take. All I can do is just go with it… Whoever needs what, no matter how immediate the need, they”re going to be the ones taking the active role. I don’t mind the Hanged Man in this context. I am pretty easy going, which is strange for someone so grounded and fiery. Maybe they anchor each other. I am content just to let things happen. I don’t seem to have much of a choice, and that’s fine with me.

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