A Scooby Snack & A Tarot Nap

A Scooby Snack & A Tarot Nap

Four of Swords
image from arcanalogue.blogspot.com

I am suffering from a bit of Tarot Burn-Out… This happens when one is particularly wandelicious. I go in phases where I’ll be HEY HO! LET’S GO TAROT!™ for a couple of months, only to fizzle, crash, and burn for a few. I didn’t even pick up a deck from June to July of this summer. I was in LET’S GO TAROT!™ mode all of April and May thanks to all of the awesome tarot workshops and classes I attended. Nothing lights a fire under my ass like living that Rock & Roll Queen of Wands lifestyle. Nothing except if you were actually going to light my ass on fire. I’d rather you didn’t. I like my ass without third degree burns, and I don’t think I could accessorize well by sitting on one of those Infate-O-Donuts. I took a nose-dive when the weather began to get warm. I ordered the Illuminated Tarot (it’s so-so-soooooooo pretty and shimmery! Love-love-love-love!) and I didn’t read with it for about a month.

In August I exploded back on the scene-uh… like a Tarot Sex Machine… Hit me! Good God, y’all ! YEAH!

Hmmm… that was fun. It had a beat, and I could probably dance with it if I wasn’t in a post-massage and 5-HTP addled stupor. Wait… what?

These phases are normal for me. Three months of amazing activity, psychic, spiritual, religious, magickal, intuitive… It all coincides, and rest assured, I bring it, biatches! Then… two or three months of nothing and static. Nary a spread nor a spell nor a Big Happy Shaman Pants Pathworky Trance Fun Time Hour. From the Gods, complete radio silence.

It’s a pattern that keeps repeating itself, and it all goes back to BALANCE and the fact that in spiritual matters… I don’t seem to have any. I’ve been working on it, as I’ve said before. Establishing practices like my Full Moon Fever Jamboree™ Quick & Dirty Daily readings seems to help. I look forward to doing these things.

It’s been a little bit intense up in here lately! I need a Tarot Nap. I have zero motivation to read. None. I can’t focus on the little buggers at all. This means I need to not read for a week or so. This doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had…

I have a Swiss BIG SIZED GLORIOUS AG MULLER THOTH DECK TO TRIM! Yay! I couldn’t bear to trim my big Greenie, knowing they were going to remain OOP for a while. Greenie is very dear to me. The Big Thoth looks am-ahhhhh-zing when trimmed, and I might as well. The damn thing is in German anyway, so it’s a sign. I’ve only trimmed one deck, a Universal Rider Waite, and I find that having full-bleed color really makes the images pop. It seems to let some of the energy loose. It’s also something that I find very relaxing. Soothing. Like buttah.

So even though I’m taking a Tarot Nap… I’m gettin’ in a little Thoth time, even if I’m ignoring my Pocket Thoth.

It’s fun to say “Pocket Thoth”. I like to say it whenever I can.



One thought on “A Scooby Snack & A Tarot Nap

  1. It was that stupid past life reading and all its Courts, wasn’t it? (It’s been posted now if you want to revisit it!) I’m sorry we broke your tarot bone 😦 Hope you recover soon. This doctor says, “Go surf and collect pretty, pretty pictures for the BDE!” Happy trimming – it’s a very festive thing to do 😉

    (Nice to know I’m not the only one who experiences radio silence every now and then. I always think there must be something wrong with me…)

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