Quick & Dirty 3-Card Daily Draw

Quick & Dirty 3-Card Daily Draw

I’ve been toying around with a quick 3 card daily spread. I don’t have time to do it every morning, but I’m getting confident enough with using a RWS deck to glance at it quickly and get the gist of it. One of my biggest problems reading througout the years has been finding the balance between delving too deeply into the intricate meanings of every card’s appearance, and not quite delving deeply enough. When reading for others online, I tend to get bogged down by hamfisted explosions of detail. It makes me tired! It’s part of being an Explorer who needs to Know things. I’m beginning to gain momentum… I’m striking a balance. As much as I am loathe to admit it… I do a quick & dirty read better with a deck that has very clear RWS symbolism.RWS based decks simply require less work on my part, and really work well for the day to day stuff. When I need the big guns, I go for the Gold… en Dawn. I’ve recently discovered that I don’t totally suck at reading, and this was part of the key.
The Quick & Dirty Daily Spread is just a variation of a 3-card spread. It’s pretty simple…and for me, it seems to be quite accurate.
1. General Energy or Influence of the Day
2. Best Possible Action to take/Determining Factors to Consider
3. Possible Outcome
I’ve got a few of these from earlier this week to post. I’m wanting to look for patterns, and refine the Daily Draw process I’m using. The more I do it, the better I feel about it. It’s getting easier for me to glance at the cards, and more or less have a clue as to what I am looking at. Last Monday, I pulled the following…
1. 8 of Swords
How appropriate! I’ve been dealing with some difficult ladies at another office who are DRAMA QUEENS and just won’t give it a fucking rest. They’ve been making my working day a bit more tense than it should be. I can’t seem to get through to them. I am in a temporary holding pattern until I am reassigned (my boss quit last month). I don’t have access to a lot of my systems or my vendors until this happens. It’s temporary, and my routine is different until things settle down. I’ve either been trapped by boredom, or overwhelmed by off the wall stuff I don’t normally handle. Trapped and confused? Yeah. That’s me. Thankfully, it won’t be forever. But these two Dingleberry Mary’s… I’ve tried to explain to them that I am really sincerely stuck, and totally without access. Yes… I’ll do what I can for you, but please understand that I don’t have access to any of what you’re asking of me. None at all. I’ve had to explain it. And explain it. And explain it. They’re not listening. They seem to want to make a petty to-do over it. They’re the ones not listening. Frustrating. Soooooooo 8 of Swords! (And true to form… they started in on me this morning! Mind Your Own Bullshit, ladies!)
2. The Fool
In this context, I see the Fool as letting it go and actually enjoying my new found, leisure time that is NOT going to last forever. I also see it as preparing for a new beginning. I work in a stressful industry, and having a little break until I get a new Salesfuck to work for isn’t the end of the world. I am going to get to start fresh. Probably best to devote my time to a bit of organizing. Doing some catch-up work to get things ready for my new boss or bosses. I have no idea how they are going to do things… I only know I still have a job and that I am on my own for a while. Best to enjoy the freedom that I do have, which is a lot, rather than get bogged down by a frustrating situation that I can’t do much to change. I have the power here! The Fool tap dances above the maddening crowd… Ready to take on whatever comes, with a smile. I can be ready. I am lucky to have time. Best to devote my energies to that end, rather than get mired in Anxiety Lady Drama Hour. (That’s exactly what I’ve done, too. It’s made my day much better. I’m happy doing projects that I am not normally able to do with a Salesfuck in the office. Whoever you are, Salesfuck, I’m ready for you!)

3. 4 of Wands
This is nicely accurate… My niece’s birthday party is this evening, and we’ll be spending some time with family in celebration. If that’s the best I can hope for today, it’s not too damn bad!
I actually put way too much thought into that, but you get the idea. I turned it into ranting, which I think is part of why it’s good. The Quick & Dirty Daily 3-Card Draw is good for getting the bullshit out, and helping you proactively get past it. Good enough for me… I can hang with that.

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