Food Issues Spread

Food Issues Spread

Found this one on Aeclectic… It’s definitely relevant to some of my food issues and diet woes. Thought I’d see what it had to say. Again, I had to go with my Pocket Universal Waite.


1. Denotes your physical relationship to food.
9 of Swords
Anxiety… Ugh. This is true. I lost a good deal of weight a few years ago, and I’ve been struggling to keep it off. I am wracked with terrible guilt and am constantly on edge for fear that I am going to eat the wrong thing, and begin to gain again. I’ve gained back a little, which depresses me and causes me to eat more. It is a nightmare… the cards know it, and so do I.

2. Denotes your emotional relationship to food.
The Chariot
There are two very strong forces that pull me along, and they battle with each other at times. I look at the two Sphinxes who pull the chariot, one black and one white and wonder if they always work in unison or if they pull in different directions. One aspect, emotionally, is will power. If I have emotionally prepared myself, I have the kind of will that most people find enviable. It’s hard to get into that space, but when I do it works like gangbusters. On the flipside, that go-go-go Chariot energy manifests itself in negative ways too. I eat horribly for the sake of convenience. I often over do it. My life is very hective. I am exhausted. I don’t want to cook or exert any kind of effort when it comes to food preparation. I am a creature of convenience. I eat far too many of my meals in the car. It’s a reaction to emotional and physical exhaustion. I can do one or the other, but not both.

3. The right relationship to food for you. (This can suggest the kind of diet that should be followed or how the way you feel about food needs to change.)
The Hierophant/6 of Cups
I need structure, a plan, a more traditional approach. Tried and true, sensible and reasonable, rather than some splashy well-marketed fad diet. The Hierophant doesn’t dick around with well-documented research. I agree with this. I do better when I have some sort of guideline, albeit with wiggle room. I need to be able to savor and enjoy delicious food, within balance and reason. It can’t be about depravation… I enjoy eating, and optimally I need to be able to do that within the construct of a structure.

4. Logical/Practical action you can take.
The Emperor
He’s in cahoots with that damn Hierophant. They are both saying that I don’t need a lot of gimmicks. I need to keep it simple, well-structured, and above all sensible. We’re talking exercise. Portion control. Balanced diet. Eat less/Move more kind of logic.
Basically, he’s advocating what the most conservative doctor would recommend. The kind where you lose weight really sloooooowwww. Can’t say I like that, but I suppose I need to shoot for the long term. No diet pills, I’m thinking. No crazy shakes. I keep seeing a doctor or personal trainer or some big beefy dude doling out advice. He might have good advice, but I don’t have to like him.

5. Creative/Emotional action you can take.

The Star
I’m always delighted to see the Star Maiden. I think that she represents healing, especially after a dark time. There is a connection between mind and body, and I might need to explore that further to promote healing. I don’t know how to being… maybe I can work through the gods, or do some shamanic healing work. There is something to look into there.

6. Outcome.
The Hermit/Three of Wands
I will be able to uncover the reasons behind my food issues, and will be able to work through them. It’s a journey that I will be taking on my own. No diet doctor or personal trainer will be able to assist me in the inner-journey. That part is more crucial than anything in the physical world I might do, like cardio. It’s the key to the castle. It’s a start. I believe I will find some success, or at least be poised to stick to whatever eating plan I choose to follow. The 3 of Wands always says to me that I’ll be able to move forward once I work through the inner issues… I will have good support, a solid foundation with which to start heading for achieving long term goals. Again, I look to the Hierophant and Emporer.

Solid foundations=lasting success.

I’m happy with that. It’s actually pretty accurate. Now, I think I’d better renew my gym membership.


2 thoughts on “Food Issues Spread

  1. * I actually did this spread about a week ago, and… I figured out who the Emperor was or what he was talking about.

    Found a decent book on food issues that is ANTI-DIETING. Brilliant in it’s simplicity… All the common sense that just seems way too easy to work. I’m still reading it, but there is a lot of promise here.

    We’ll see, but… Tarot was right! I have found something that corresponds to what the spread recommended, and seems like it might make the outcome very, very possible.

    This is pretty cool… My ever growing ass thinks so too!

  2. I think this is a really excellent spread and it shows how tarot can be a really useful tool for therapy etc. I have long been nurturing a dream of becoming “real good” at tarot and using those sills to help people in a therapeutic way. I don’t know how it would even be possible – given that I have NO medical training – but there it is. The little dream that could.

    Congratulations to you for going back to basics. I think it really is the only way: eat what grows; eat what’s alive. The irony is that technology and modern life has made it SO much more difficult to achieve! I’m not even talking macrobiotic or organic or anything “fancy”. Just trying to find something half-way fresh is a mission! The other dream is to live on an acreage and grow my own food. It’s probably a lot more feasible down sunny-land way 😉

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