Deck Interview: Jolanda Tarot

Deck Interview: Jolanda Tarot

SwWitchSunI started off doing a basic deck interview with the lovely Jolanda Tarot. It kind of took on a life of it’s own! By far it’s one of the most fun and fascinating decks I’ve acquired to date. Love-love-love-love-love!

Hi, I’m Eris… Nice to meet you… Ace of Swords

I like your style… Cut through the B.S. and get to the point, with a sense of humor though. I’m digging your style, Jolanda. You seem quirky and playful, but with an underlying seriousness. I think you’re a bit coy, judging from the other cards I pulled, but I’ll take your word for it. You cut to the chase, don’t mince words, but do so with a slight grin, yes? You can’t fool me, Jolanda! I know your game! I can play it… I love your attitude. Boys love a woman of witchy mystery who dresses like she might have been an intern at Betsey Johnson during fashion school.

You’re a tease, Jolanda! What do you have to say about that? The Magician

I love it! So you are a bit of a tease, eh? I get it. You know exactly what you’re doing and you know exactly what you need to do to make things happen. I could learn a thing or two from you. Adorably cute… and wicked awesome powerful. I think I’m in love! I’m not into chicks though. You don’t have a brother named Jolando, do you?

What kinds of questions do you like to answer? Queen of Wands/The World

Interesting… You’ll answer any questions I’ll ask, but particularly ones having to do with the Big Picture or the Overall Scheme of Things & Their Marvelous Sense of Wholeness & Completion. Sweet. Don’t bother you when I have a case of the Mundane-ys?

Are you sure about that? Couldn’t I slip in a question or two about the stock market or my hairdresser’s cat? The Lovers

So if it has to do with some type of decision or dilemma it’s okay, right? I got it. If I’m at a crossroads over something stupid, or if it’s a sex question you don’t mind too much. Fuck Dear Abby… Helllooooooo Jolanda!

How can we best work together? The Empress

When I need ideas just as much as advice or direction. I can see that about you. You seem pretty creative and spirited, doing things your own way (even if it makes no sense… The 8-10 of Swords… WTF, Jolanda!). You’re more about being the impetus or inspiration behind that Big Awesome Idea than the Deeper Mirky Spooky Dark Mysteries of the Universe. I bet you could help me with a design or writing project. I love what I see, art wise. You really do inspire me… You’re the kind of deck I’ve been searching for. One that has the style and the substance I myself like to pimp.

How do you make pimpin’ look so easy, breezy, and beautiful? Maybe you were born with it, but would you like it if I called you Maybelline? 9 of Cups

Lol… I love it. I think you’re my new best friend. So much easier to talk to and joke with than Sephiroth or Thoth! We should totally get the Halloween Tarot, and the Vanessa Tarot together and all go out for cocktails!

Some of your symbolism doesn’t jive with traditional meanings, or with your LWB meanings. What advice can you give me on that? Four of Wands

Of course, you just gave me a prime example of what I was just talking about. And you’re smirking! I know you’re smirking!

I’d like to be able to read with you often. Seriously, what can I do? The Sun

Okay, I’ll just stay open, go with it, and get creative. It will be fine. Nothing to worry about. The Guiding Light Shall Guide & Shine. I think you’re being serious. I’m going to have to work at this, you know. Non-RWS decks are tough for me.

Question… What is in the Queen of Wands pipe, is it legal, and where can I get some? 10 of Pentacles

So… it’s from a generations-old family business, and it’s rather expensive? Bummer.

Are you holding out on me, Jolanda? I thought we were friends! The Devil

Girl… You’re so bad! Your Devil card is probably the friendliest and most delightful devils I’ve ever seen in any deck anywhere. How can I possibly take you seriously? You’re messing with me… You’d share if you had some, and you know I can’t resist smokey non-crack things that come in pipes. I think you’re telling me your middle name is Mary Jane… I knew there was a reason I liked you, Jolanda!

Any closing thoughts? I’m kind of hungry, and need a snack so I might need to wrap this up. 6 of Wands

I thought this was a really good interview too… The pleasure was all mine! I look forward to chattin’ atcha’ again.

You’re alright, kid. You’re definitely alright!



2 thoughts on “Deck Interview: Jolanda Tarot

  1. I love a girl and her name is JOLANDAAAAAAA!!! OMG, I did not need to see images from this deck – She is quirky! She is creative! She is delightful! Why must you inspire such wanty-want in me? And where can I get some satisfaction?

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