Consequences Spread

Consequences Spread

Consequences Spread- Thought I’d take a little peak at my finances. House buying is going to happen within the next year, so I need to be ready! Using my pocket Universal Rider Waite… I’m loving this little guy! I don’t normally like RWS clones too much.

Overall Influence
Ascended Masters Oracle Deck- Ganesha- “Yes”
(This oracle deck is great to use with tarot spreads, especially to gauge the overall environment, influences, significator, etc. It compliments most spreads with uncanny accuracy. Highly recommend!) No explanation needed here… He always shows up right when I need a wink and a nod. He’s the Lord of Auspicious Beginnings, after all. I have to get started on making some changes, which include changing my Amazon and Paypal passwords so I can’t buy new decks so easily!

1. Problem
– Getting finances under control
I’ve been feeling a need to get some of my spending habits under control. Strength of willpower is a very difficult thing for me, and the Lusty Leo that lurks within looooooooovvvvvves the instant gratification that comes with the Thrill of the Hunt for Bargains & Things. The lustier more fiery side of Strength comes out in my need to BUY, and my lack of control. As I become more affluent, my spending gets worse. I have plenty of extra money for fun, and this wasn’t always the case. While I’m not in dire straights, I worry that I could be sabotaging myself and my future financial freedom in some way each time I cave into a bargain. I know exactly what I’m going to do when I pull into the Target parking lot… I need to exert some control over this aspect of my finances. I have an amazing amount of power here, and I need to acknowledge it, and use it to my advantage. Things don’t look too bad now, but if I keep it up, I worry it could grow worse.

2. Root of the Problem

Two of Swords
I get it. Procrastination. I’ve been ignoring it, and nothing is changing or improving. I don’t even open my credit card statements. I pay more than I owe each month, but not enough to make a significant dent. I only have a foggy idea of what is actually going on there. It would behoove me to sit down and take inventory. I also have some medical bills that I keep “forgetting” about. I’m not helping myself by doing nothing. Doing nothing and complaining won’t solve a thing. I’ve been an ostrich where a lion is needed.

3. Past
Six of Disks
Financially, we’re doing better than we once were. When we were both in school, our fiances were a disaster. Recently my husband got a raise and a promotion, and I got a nice severance package from a layoff and quickly started a new job with slightly better pay but much better bonuses. Prosperity has been a good theme for us over the last year, and we actually got through a difficult time when my husband was out of work because we’d saved wisely. A lot of what has worked in our favor has been sudden and or unexpected.

4. Possible Future
Death/Ten of Swords
Things could go really, really, really bad if I don’t figure my shit out. I’m thinking big changes, upheaval, and a possible loss before they eventually get back on track. It will be painful… but it won’t last forever. There will be an end to one cycle, and the start of another. I’m thinking that financially, I’ll crash and burn… then pick myself up and dust myself off. I’d rather not go through that if possible… Financial KABLAMMO is not an option. I see bankruptcy if things don’t change or if they become worse. I can’t even fathom of that at present, since I’m very, very far from that. But if I change nothing, I could be closer than I think. A new beginning is my future, but I can choose whether I arrive there positively or negatively.

How Can I Avoid That?
The High Priestess/Two of Wands
There she is! I had a feeling she might show up. For me, she usually means that there is some magick to be done, and I think in this case it could be helpful. It will help move things along in the right direction… Moving forward, rather than moving backward. I need to really look ahead here, and not look back. The HP usually also shows up to tell me that I know what needs to be done, why am I not doing it?

5. Advice
Three of Wands/Six of Wands
Okay… I know what I need to do. Time to do it. Success is immanent, and while it won’t be easy, I know I need to make the changes. If I don’t… KABLAMMO. It seems a little murky here other than… Success! Ye shall have it… If you get off your ass. You can do eeeet!

6. Outside Influences
Ace of Cups
This looks promising. I see a new house, a purchase which we’ve been mulling over by… Summer. I see summer. Ace o’ Cups=Summer. The timing is later than I was hoping, but gives me time to make the changes. This is part of why I’m wanting to get things under control. I must remain open to outside ideas. Receptive. I feel that someone will present a solution or helpful idea that could assist. Maybe that is going to happen by summer or in summer. Maybe it is related to houses. Crikey.

7. Final Outcome
The Sun
Make the changes… Do the work… Everything will be happy and good. Hurrah! Again, that’s pretty simple too. It all boils down to control, and I have the control here. I see abundance and financial health, which sounds strange but checkbooks need check-ups too. This is a wake-up call for me.


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