Full Moon Fever Spread… Make a Little Birdhouse in my Soul!

Full Moon Fever Spread… Make a Little Birdhouse in my Soul!


This is more or less a four card spread based on the Evolution Spread. It’s good for gauging a situation as it unfolds within a month or so from doing the reading. I like to use it on or around the Full Moon, and then follow up on the next Full Moon. It’s part of my Full Moon Thang that I like to do. I mostly find it good for spiritual related stuff, just to gauge where things are going, and what I need to work on.


*I often will pull two cards for each section, just to reinforce each other. It seems to cement things, particularly with this spread and this deck, the World Spirit deck.

1. My spiritual progress as it exists now
7 of Wands/8 of Cups
I’m seeing the Biggest and Brightest of my Fire overpowering or fighting against the weariness of my Water. The Fire tendencies I have can and will rise up to dominate. That’s what they do… Boldly shouting from the rooftops that I am all about FIRE, BITCHES! YEAAAH! You hear me, Water? Whose your daddy? Huh? That’s right… I own you, Water. It’s an inner struggle that I’m doing my best to wrestle with, but I’m still trying to figure out how to become more balanced. My latent watery side is weary and tired. The deeper more sensitive sides that get steamrolled over by the Fire are tired of struggling, or just don’t have it in them. They’re ready to drift away… I’m reading with the World Spirit deck and the 8 of Cups shows the bend in a river. You can feel movement stirring… The water is moved, but has nowhere to go.

2. How things will evolve in the next four weeks

The Star/8 of Pents
Well… this is nice to see. I’ll be working on things, from what I can tell. Throwing myself into the process, and proactively taking on the challenges rather than just mulling them over, doing nothing. I might have some help from someone more knowledgeable. I feel that I will be working with my hands, making or creating something. Some type of art as offering, or some type of art as a way to work through this Fire/Water issue. At any rate, there is a gentle divine light in my corner, guiding the way. The Star Maiden is always a good sign. I might have to roll up my sleeves and get to busy, but it is definitely to a good end.

3. Some one or something that will effect it

Nine of Swords/Seven of Cups
I see some anxiety here in a big, bad way… Anxiety over the things that crop up in dreams. I’m not liking that much, but I’m not surprised. I’m thinking I should take this literally, as in I might have something intense or important that comes up in a dream or trance. I don’t think it will be pleasant, if my recent experiences are any hint. I don’t enjoy waking up in a panic, but what if it leads to a breakthrough? I think it very well could. Important things, mystical things, prophetic things, perhaps? I have an inkling that they might drift into the periphery of my consciousness. These things could have some meaning, but I might have to carefully examine them and decide what is relevant or not. I’m thinking this is going to be a theme for this month.

4. Outcome to be reached by the next Full Moon

The SUN/9 of Cups
Wawaweewah! This is excellent news! I’m seeing some healthy progress here, maybe being closer to the balance I so badly need. I have a sense of feeling content, rested, and happy with how things have gone. A reason to celebrate and radiate goodness, after all the work and all of the difficult and dark issues dredged up by the more chthonic of gods and monsters. It’s not my best or easiest time, but we’re heading to a good place. I’ll get what I’m asking for, no doubt about that. I just need to buck-up through the tougher parts. The 9 of Cups also has an additional meaning to me as well… it perhaps means that a little bit more water has come to flow through my fiery existence, possibly opening me up to the healing and balance I so long for.

When the Sun, The Star, and the 9 of Cups show up, you can’t ask for better than that. I gotta work at it, and at night I gotta remember the blue canary in the outlet by the light switch who watches over me… But… it’s all good. Who loves the sun? Also, these cups show some progress too… 7-8-9… We’re moving towards balance. Awwwww-yeah! Lemme stand next to your fire… with a pitcher of ice water, of course.


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