The Descent

The Descent

As part of my Persephone’s Descent into the Underworld ritual, I did some path-working, focusing on the High Priestess from the Mythic Tarot. The card actually has Persephone perched on the steps leading down to the Underworld, leaving the Material World behind her. I notice that any path-working I attempt generally takes on a life of it’s own when I do it very mindfully and purposefully.

Anubis was there, as always, his hand on my shoulder, not pushing me, but gently supporting me. He almost always appears in any type of trance work I do, and always in the same  pose. Guiding, protecting, but not interfering. Persephone nodded for us to follow. Anubis lead me down the stairs behind her, where we stopped halfway down the increasingly dark and cold stairwell. She was dressed in a flowing light pink draped gown, which looked familiar to me. It was something a younger woman would wear during warmer weather. She had long, curling reddish brown hair with a garland of flowers crowning her head. Her skin glowed with fresh youthful color, like she’d been in the sun for a spell. As we walked down the stairs, I noticed a small door to the right with a faint crack of light glimmering around the bottom.

We entered into a small room, warm, cozy, windowless wood paneled room where Persephone’s other attendants waited. It was a bit cramped, not unlike the cabin of an old wooden ship. These women and I were there for the same reason, I discovered. We were there to help her in a Lady in Waiting capacity. She thanked Anubis, but asked if he could wait outside while she changed her clothes. She stepped behind a screen, where the other attendants helped her with her clothing. I was told that I was not yet ready to assist with that task, but I did hand her some of her garments over the screen. She emerged in a very formal, but lovely dark black velvet gown, tightly laced with subtle glints of silver embroidery. Her color had changed from warm and peachy to a pale and pasty greyish palor. It was almost like she’d morphed from Technicolor to black and white, like a reverse Wizard of Oz. She was still very beautiful, but the only colors present were red polished nails, and deep blood red lips. She apologized for showing me her Death Face without warning, last time I’d “seen” her. It was a horrible sight, black and twisted with baleful empty eyes, like a living, humorless Day of the Dead skeleton. She explained that it was actually a mask that she wore at times, but that the face I saw now was her true face. She’d needed to get my attention, and that was the best way to do it. (Again, we don’t communicate well. I’d woke up in a panic, my heart beating hard enough to bust through my ribcage. Anubis had been there too, guiding me in a swiftly moving boat through a tunnel to a clearing in a dark wooded area . There was a fire buring in the middle. I’d heard drumming. I saw K. dancing madly around the fire, cackling. The Queen of the Underworld stared me down, saying nothing. FREAK OUT! Le freak se chic! Let’s just say that this second meeting was much different, and I was greatly relieved. She did get my attention… I’m glad she chose a different route this time.)

She showed me the mask, and it was less frightening than before. I got the impression that her other attendants were people like me, who were her devotees or priestesses, who were also choosing this day to honor her and walk by her side. She told me that it was time for me to go, that they had more to do to help her prepare, and that I was not ready for it yet. She told me she would be back in the spring, and that she hoped to see me then. She also told me that I had the answers within me, and that she would be able to help. “Do not ask for answers… I will give you what you need when the time is right.” She did agree to let me speak to her through the tarot on this day. She led me to the door herself, and warmly bid Anubis and I goodbye. We ascended the stairs together, and he walked with me along the seashore to my Sanctuary (a safe place I come to often in meditation, Shamanic work, or in path working. Great little trick… it helps anchor you).

That was it. Again… I have more to learn. More to do. But that’s been the most full experience with her I’ve had so far. It’s the first time I’ve gotten very direct communication. It’s a fascinating process.


4 thoughts on “The Descent

  1. Path-working sounds fascinating and I haz a littel jeluz, but there’s is NO WAY I am ready for it. Lessons would be learned. Nasty ones. Active imagination, now, that I could probably do (Swords? Who? What?).

  2. I’ll probably do a little post on my process using it… I essentially leave out the Kabalistic elements (totally over my head!), and stick with the Tarot trumps. That article I linked is a lot more involved than I usually do it, but it had some cool stuff. I couldn’t resist!

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