Chattin’ with the Queen of the Dead

Chattin’ with the Queen of the Dead

Since communication has been very difficult with me, in regards to Persephone, I decided to try to talk to her through tarot as part of the ritual I did earlier today. It went very well. I feel good about the messages received, and validated that some of the tougher, deeper issues I am wrestling with will have good conclusions.

I also drew my card for the year, as I always do around Halloween. It’s a good time of year to do divination. I usually pull one card that is essentially the theme of the next year. I pulled a card I’ve been seeing a lot of lately… The World.

Everything is connected.


Reading with Persephone

1. Hello… How are you today?
7 of Wands
I got it… It’s not easy being the Maiden of Spring and Queen of the Underworld, especially on the Day of the Dead. It’s a rather challenging time, and while you’re up for what’s ahead, it still doesn’t make it an easy thing. I get the feeling that even though you’ve been through this many times, it doesn’t change the fact that making the journey back to the Underworld is difficult. We humans fear it more than anything, since we don’t understand it. Your story makes me sad. It makes me hurt for you and your mother. I’ve noticed that we don’t communicate well while you’re in the realm of Hades. Perhaps being so disconnected from the Earth is part of the reason.

2. How can I best honor you?
Ace of Pents
I’m glad that this came up… I believe that you’re telling me I can honor you through Nature, with Nature being the tipping of point or the start of it all. The connection you have to Nature is why I initially became intrigued by honoring you. The shifts from late fall to winter signify a time of deep, dark, seasonally fueled depression for me. I don’t feel like myself during those times. Whereas in Spring and Summer, I feel more alive, more vital, more connected. I don’t suppose that’s a coincidence, now is it? I just checked my book… Autumn is the time frame associated with Pents. I am going to say that perhaps looking to the Natural world for inspiration, particularly during this time where the veil is thinner is what you ask of me. New growth can spring up in due time… Spring time. Involving the outdoors maybe? There are other cards to say this same thing, so I will take it to mean that I am on the right track.

3. How can we best work together?
I take this to mean that some type of structured or formalized type of ritual is best when working with you. I haven’t been good about this in the past, and in fact my inconsistency is almost embarrassing. Today was the first really well planned and thought-out ritual I’ve done evoking you, and it I feel very good about the results. It was a different approach… but one I am eager to explore this spring when you ascend from the Underworld. I will take this as a hint that you prefer a bit more ceremony and formality than I normally gravitate to. I look to the Eleusinian Mysteries for inspiration… If ritual and structure are the best way to hear your message, I am glad to do it. It worked well today… I think we’re on to something here. *Did some path working that was very meaningful, and was made easier by the preparation done beforehand through ritual.

4. In spiritual matters, what I can I do better or what do I need to work on?
The World
This comes up a lot for me as the “conclusion” on any spiritually related spreads. I am thinking this means that I need to keep working towards enlightenment, or that I am on the right path, but I need to keep making progress. I will get where I am going, I just gotta keep working at it. Eyes on the prize! The right balance between the Fire and the Water is my goal. It’s not so much about being whole. I have all of the parts I need to be the kind of person I want to be, I’m just not allocating them properly. I will Know. The Universe card tells me that it will all come together somewhere. It’s harmony, it’s balance, and while I have work to do still, it’s worth the effort. Mastery leads to unraveling mysteries. Persephone Knows. Perhaps as I bring the little things together, I’ll be ready for the bigger things.

5. Am I on the right path, in regards to my work with you specifically?

Ace of Cups
I checked one of my books… “Surrender, Accept, Permit!”. I’ve been feeling like the Hanging Man for quite some time, abandoning myself to the process. Although I’ve been open to it, I still struggle with the Water. Cups are a difficult suit for me, because of this. To be open and ready to receive, to let it flow in and out makes me apprehensive. But again, I’m working through it. We’re off to a good start. All these aces too… They are showing me that I am beginning a very important journey, and I am now ready to take the steps to delve deeper into the mysteries than I have before. Cups coming up in this regard are no accident. It’s all about striking a balance between the Water and the Fire. The Ace of Cups opens things up, if I remain open to the process…

6. Are there any messages you wish to share?
6 of Wands
This is nice to see… It means that for all of my confusion and uncertainty, I’m doing something right. Success is immanent. Keep on’ keepin’ on. I can’t let it go to my head, of course, but this is a very good sign. It makes me feel better about everything that is happening, not just with Persephone, but with everything. She plays multple roles

7. Heart of the Matter
2 of Wands
I am taking a chance and putting myself out there. It’s a bit daunting, really… It’s scary, but… I’ve been feeling like I’m making progress, or at least moving in the right direction. Everything is rife with possibility. I’ve always had a sense of movement with this card, momentum, but it’s self directed. I’m the Captain! Ahoy, matey! Persephone is part of it, and she’s pretty much laid it all out for me. I’ve been concerned with being more open about it, to share more while I go through the process but… Fuck it! It’s go time!


3 thoughts on “Chattin’ with the Queen of the Dead

  1. I ❤ the way you read! I'm just gonna pull the cards from now on and then send them over to you to interpret, 'kay?

    Look at all those Wands… it seems to me that they speak to us in a language we can understand. I get all Cups and Swords, you get Wands and Pents.

    I've been meditating on The World (which also comes up a lot for me) and I'm wondering if it's a message too that it is all ONE. No matter who we choose to speak to, or who chooses to speak to us, ultimately, they are all ONE. Or emanations of the ONE. I'm paying attention to which questions Aces answer and seeing this as a possible alternative or added layer of meaning. Thoughts?

  2. I look at the Aces as Beginning and the World as the End or Culmination of Everything. It could be all one, as in All One. That’s a good point. I hadn’t considered that. I think of The World’s role as more cyclic in nature, with the Majors being the bigger journey, the 2-10’s of the Minors being the mundane day-to-day stuff along the way, with the Aces being the most undiluted, symbolic, purest, most powerful forms of their elements.

    It’s almost like the Aces exist apart from the other cards in their own way. I’ve seen a pattern lately when they come up, and I definitely think you’re on to something.

    Right now, I’m seeing a Pentacle… Air=Ace of Swords, Water= Ace of Cups, Fire=Ace of Wands, Earth=Ace of Pents, Spirit=The World. I can’t think of another card that could say that, and really be it at the same time. They’re working together, somehow. Each point of the star is the culmination or the coming together of that element or idea. So is each card that represents it. That’s what I’m seeing… for some odd reason. Or maybe it’s not so odd…

  3. The Cheese… Ace Stands Alone 😉 They’re like messengers… they intercede between the different sections of the deck… I don’t get them very often. Think it would be interesting to lay the Aces and World out in the pentagram and then ask about them, how they manifest or want to manifest. Too many ideas!

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