The Cat Ass Tarot

The Cat Ass Tarot

I made myself a little something neat, that’s been working out pretty well. I do most of my reading and Fun With Tarot™ on the couch in front of the TV, within arms reach of my Big Ol’ Basket of Decks & Books™ (Hey, it’s better than a pile on the floor!). I just do it where I’m comfortable, and that happens to be without a table. I just can’t seem to read anywhere else. It’s hard to read using a crappy plastic laptop desk, and it’s especially precarious leaving a spread out on the couch, bed, counter, or kitchen table since my cards seem to be a cat magnet. I’ll often do a spread, and come back to it later. It’s not the most efficient way to do things, but sometimes I need to give things more thought. When you return to a spread to discover that a 25lb Himalayan Chub-O-Lard feline is sprawled out on his back on top of your cards, it’s easy to get annoyed (although it’s mildly amusing). When this happens a lot, it can make you wonder if your favorite deck is possessed by the spirit of a crazy cat lady bearing cat treats and head scratchies.

I had an old tray from one of those tray tables with a stand sitting around, and I made a tarot tray… I painted it dark indigo- purple with coppery glitter, put nice cloth to line it, and voila! It’s perfect… I can’t do a really big spread on it, but for most of the quick and dirty 3-7 card stuff I seem to prefer for now, it’s perfect. The nice thing is, I can leave a spread on it and come back to it, move it around, and keep it far away from that damned cat’s ass. It’s actually pretty handy… plus it’s a good way to have portable “sacred space”. Plus, I could always use it as a table if I wanted to.

Of course, the fuzzy little bastard has discovered that my tarot tray is yet another surface to spread his blubber lard self all over. He also seems to really like my World Spirit deck. He likes laying on top of that one, or bothering me while I’m reading with it the best.

The point of my story? Fuck this shit. I’m getting a dog.

The other point of my story? I like my tarot tray… It’s neat. Hooray for me.


2 thoughts on “The Cat Ass Tarot

  1. Tarot crafts! The madness will suck me in soon enough (I’m already _not_ signing up for tarot bag exchanges and what-not). I’ve seen this done to a tray table: resin (I’m assuming you have one with the little raised edge?) with inserts! Imagine the fun! We have some lying around in the basement I believe…

    p.s. Still can’t fathom a Himalayan that size. They’re usually so light-footed!

  2. Yep… has a little raised edge. I was going to do something with the face of it, but glitter spray paint was the extend of my craft-madness.

    I’m having to hold back any craftyness… It’s too dangerous for me.

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