Four of Swords… Frankie Says Relax!

Four of Swords… Frankie Says Relax!


Rest. Sanctuary. Contemplation. Preparation. Calm. Meditation. Relief. Taking a break. Quiet Time. Time Out. Power Nap. Rejuvination. Peace. Recharging your batteries.Healing. Regeneration. Distance. Examination. Gaining Perspective. Rebuilding Stength. Replenishing Reserves.

What Is Going On In This Card: A man lays down for a brief rest in what appears to be a church or santuary of some type. He is not resting on a bed, just on a bench perahps. He is not sleeping deeply or turning in for the night, merely dosing off for a moment. His hands are clasped in prayer or meditation. He appears to be conscious yet drifting, perhaps in a trance or medatative state. He’s needed brief break to collect his thoughts, take inventory of where he is at. While his body is not active, his mind is, even in his state. He’s been through a time of great and many trials, and is weary through it all. Even though he really has no time to rest, taking a few moments to quietly think through it all, and perhaps disconnect and distance himself for a short time will be just what he needs to continue his fight. His body and mind are weary… so for now, he rests.

How It Makes Me Feel:

Harold & Kumar AFTER Whitecastle and some Tums. This card is like taking a deep, long stretch after sitting at my computer, staring at a spreadsheet for too long. It makes me think of getting a pedicure and foot massage, after wearing pointy, toe-pinching, high-heels. It’s relaxing at home on Friday night with a nice glass of cab and a new novel, after a very long and difficult week of putting out fires at the office (an all too common theme). It’s taking an extra long lunch after a difiicult meeting, and going for a massage. I can feel a deep sigh of relief, while the tension in my body drains away, and my bones turn to a mass of goo. A few years ago, my grandfather’s cancer took a turn for the worse, but he fought long and hard to hang on just a few more days so that my grandmother would be able to get his next month’s pension check. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he did fear leaving my grandmother without any income or help. He relapsed far quicker than we could have expected. That one extra check would make a tremendous difference. To live a life without him looking after her was unthinkable. He fought, and fought. His goal was to make it to March 1st. February 29th was one of the worst days he’d had so far, and we knew we’d lose him very soon. It was an awful thing to watch, helpless. Unable to do anything but hope. We lost him at 12:30am on March 1st. When he knew he made it, he was able to rest. To let go. To stop fighting. And then he was gone. During this time, my sister and I along with other family members were at his bedside round the clock. For two weeks, we were there on and off, with frequent calls in the middle of the night to say “He may not make through the night… Hurry…”. The stress took it’s tole on us in a different way. The Friday before we lost him, he told us both to go out have a few cocktails, for him. To take our minds of things. We rested and recouped our strength to face the days ahead by going out, having a few beers, playing a few rounds of pool, and dancing our butts off for a few hours. We laughed and cried, and it was a restorative, cathartic kind of rest for our weary minds and bodies.

What Does The Card Have To Say?

Sling on a Snuggie, pour a glass of wine, and curl up with a good book. Well, maybe we could watch South Park or something. Anything to take my mind off what’s going on, just for a little while. It might pop into my mind here and there, but it passes. I can look at things from a better perspective, now that I am calm, safe, and feeling at peace. I do my best thinking when detaching myself from the drama for a while. And you know what? If I can find someone to make me some hot chocolate and give me a foot rub, that would be the sprinkles on the cupcake.


3 thoughts on “Four of Swords… Frankie Says Relax!

  1. You know, your story is _exactly_ how I see this particular 4 of Swords. It is a tomb, the knight finally being awarded the peace he deserves after fighting – bravely and justly – for a long time. People ask about cards that indicate literal death and I think this is a very good one for that, especially in the case of terminal illness.

    I think the perfect word for this card is “Respite”. This is the card that says, “Hey man, relax, you’ve earned it.” It is permission to check out, retreat. Damn, why can’t I get this card in a reading??! 😉

  2. Context is a biggie for this one too… I didn’t even think of that.

    With the 10 of Swords and/or the 8 of Cups, it means chill out. You’re taking on too much.

    Although Death doesn’t usually mean literal death, with the Four and Eight of Swords, I bet it could possibly.

    With the 6 of Swords, and maybe the 3 of Cups reversed, it could mean rehab!

    ZOMG! This is starting to make some sense! Finally! (I get this card a lot. Physically I over do it, and the Scapula of Doom gets pissy)

  3. Woo-hoo! I contributed something meaningful! Just thinking of a tarot version of Go Fish where you have to decide on situations based on the cards that come up. Can you say drinking game??? 😉

    I guess I get my current deck’s equivalent fairly often: cards with the actual swords laid to rest; an admonition to STOP. FIGHTING. DAMMIT.

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