Ramblings of a Complete & Total Deck Head.

Ramblings of a Complete & Total Deck Head.

Okay, I’m going to do an inventory of all of the decks I have. I just ordered the Tarot of the Sephiroth (Squee! Amazon Prime and free shipping are going to be the death of me!), the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea (I’ve never seen this one before! It looks quite reflective and water-driven, which I need being a bit of a Firebug. I fell in love with it… I can’t wait to use it), and the Halloween Tarot… in a TIN (I had the other Halloween tarot, but this is the good one. I’ve heard it packs a serious punch for a lighthearted themed deck, and my husband who is a big Halloweenie is excited).  Normally I don’t get three decks at once, and I was going to hold off for a while, since I have enough to keep me busy. Well… my muse needs to be fed. She demands more cool decks! I suppose it’s better than collecting stamps or firearms.

The decks first ten are my Top Ten all-time favorites… for now. I’m always adding, so contents may shift in transit.

  • Thoth Deck How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I don’t read as well with this deck, only because it’s fond of giving me very complex answers that take a lot more leg work than a RWS based deck. It’s for the Big Issues only. When I found out it was going out of print, I freaked out and wisely stocked up. I have two that I use (one for reading, one for magick. I don’t know why I need two for that, but I just do), the bigger one in the green box that I don’t use much (doesn’t shuffle at all), one used one I scored on ebay (thought I’d save it if someone needed it), and two unwrapped Swiss versions from AG Mueller (I’ve heard they’re printed beautifully and are of better quality than their American counterparts. I’m not going to unwrap them. They’re more for collecting, to me. I got them cheap, also). I had one unwrapped one that I am gifting to a dear riend who I believe will enjoy it. I can’t imagine living in a world where one can’t stroll down to the bookstore and pick one up! Of all the decks I own and love, the Thoth deck is the most magickal, and the most special. I could go into all of the esoteric reasons, but they don’t matter when it comes down to it. Thoth is my BDF! Best Deck Forever!
  • Faerie Tarot by Natalie Hertz I love this deck to pieces… It’s beautiful, vibrant, and above all a lot of fun. The color is what gets me. I crave a deck that has vibrant, bold, and pulsating color! Most seem good, but fail to meet expectations. The Morgan-Greer has great color, but I hate the rest of it (too many damned men in mustaches!). This one is sweet, but spunky, fun, and a bit sassy. I don’t read well with it at all, but I can’t help but adore it. If I were going to buy my five year old niece a tarot deck, this one would be it.
  • Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer This is one of my Go-To decks. I cannot aptly describe how beautiful it is. My local tarot reading shop had a workshop with… the one… the only… MARY K.GREER! ZOMG!! How cool is that, for a Tarot Tart like myself? It was an amazing workshop, and I was lucky to get to take part. One of the great things was that a lot of tarot enthusiasts in the community came out for the workshop, so I got to meet quite a few fellow hopelessly obsessed tarotists. One woman was using the Illuminated, and I was amazed by how unique and beautiful they are. The website does not do them justice. They’re water-color based renditions of the RWS, but the artist, Carol Herzer, has them laminated with some kind of varnish during the printing process (designerd alert!) and painted over with translucent types of paint, some with subtle shimmer or glitter to highlight certain colors or parts of the cards. It creates a glorious effect when the light hits them, making the colors seems to sing and dance. I’ve never seen anything like it! One very cool thing is that she’ll work with you to bring attention to the colors you prefer. The first deck I saw had the purples and blues treated, while I asked if she could focus on the reds, oranges, and golds. They are the same deck, but each one is completely different. It wasn’t cheap, but I am so glad I invested. I can’t really do it justice with words. I read very well with it too. It can be a little bit mirky, but for the most part it’s pretty accurate. It’s a bit hot and cold with me. I think it depends on how the light hits it. It’s gorgeous though, so I can’t be mad at it for long.
  • Celtic Wisdom Tarot This is a new one for me… I’ve not had much of a chance to read with it. It’s a very challenging deck. I don’t know anything about Celtic mythology, and in fact I seem to have quite an aversion to it for some odd reason. I swing with the Egyptians, Greeks, and Hindus when it comes to God Time. This deck really spoke to me, and I haven’t figured it out yet. The color and art are superb! The color alone makes it worth having, but there is something very beautiful about the deck. It has mysteries. The correspondences and symbols are not RWS or Thoth based, so I cannot read with it at all. I think I’ll be using it for one-card reads, and keep the book handy. I just want to look at it! It’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. It’s almost like meeting and falling in love with someone at first site, but not being able to speak their language. Well… I’ll try.
  • Liber-T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal So much more than just a Thoth clone! This deck is another favorite of mine. It’s a challenge to read with. The pips are detailed beyond the farthest stretches of the imagination. I almost prefer it to the Thoth deck in some ways. The majors are more or less a restyled version of the Thoth deck, but the pips are fully illustrated with amazing detail and tons of surprises (Check out the Six of Cups! Is it getting hot in herrre?). I don’t read well with it, but I keep trying. It has a lot to teach, but is holding out on me for now.
  • Spiral This is one of my favorites because I am so comfortable and familiar with it. I began to really make breakthroughs as far as learning tarot with it. It’s not a deck I normally would like, but it’s gentle, friendly, and very accurate. It’s not cruel or cold like Thoth can be. It breaks the bad news gently, and compassionately. It’s like taking off my heels and putting on a pair of comfy yoga pants after a long day.
  • Sakki-Sakki Love-love-love-love-love the art! And the color! I’ve never met a deck that is so… well… me. It has a a charisma and a charm that no other deck I know of has. I have a print of the Empress and a Birthday calender from Monica Clio-Sakki the artist. I love-love-love-love-love her work! I don’t read very well with it. I get distracted.
  • World Spirit This is the deck. Although I love wood block prints, I would not have thought this deck would be The One. I knew I would enjoy it. It’s friendly, colorful, playful, and has a very genuine humanity about it. People of every size, color, shape, time, era and culture are represented. I find that for me, this deck is deadly accurate. I have never read with a deck that was so accurate or where the answers came so easily. It works for me like no other deck I’ve ever used, and obviously, I’ve used a lot of them. I don’t care for how some of my favorite cards are done… I prefer thinking that the Star maiden has been to the salon for a waxing job, and the creepy baby on the Sun card wigs me out. Because I love almost everything else about it, I can over look these things. When you love someone, you accept their flaws sometimes. That’s what love is.
  • Hermetic Tarot For a color junkie, you’d think a black and white deck wouldn’t have much of an allure. I would have thought so too, but I find I get less distracted. It’s a Golden Dawn based deck, so it’s a bit different than the RWS. I struggle with it a bit, but it’s very accurate. A bit sharp-tongued. Unsentimental. No nonsense. With the lack of color, there is a certain crispness and honesty to it. It gets right to the point where others do not. I like its attitude! That’s why it’s in my top ten.
  • Annubis Oracle I do a lot of work with Anubis, and I’ve discovered his role as a guide is very poignant and meaningful for me. He’s not just a funerary god! Of course I didn’t have any idea, and had to do some reading to figure it out. I stumbled on to the Annubis Oracle (which is illustrated by Kris Waldherr, who is fabulously talented!), and it confirmed a lot of things I was experiencing. It was no accident. This oracle deck is a very great tool for communicating with and meditating on the Neteru (who I honor but don’t always understand). There is a book that comes with the oracle, and another book by the creators Nicki Skully & Linda Star Wolf called Shamanic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt that really helps. The cards themselves are beautiful, and I really enjoy using it. I don’t usually use it for divination… mostly for introspection. It’s much better than any other Egyptian themed deck I’ve seen. Instead of being cheesy, it seems very authentic and inspired. I can’t help but love it.
  • Ascended Master Oracle Deck I can’t stand Doreen Virtue. Ick. I hate all of that “Angels, and Crystals, and Healing, Oh My!” drivel. Yuck. I walk a bit of a crooked path, so I don’t have a lot of patience for Lightworkers or Fluffy Bunnies. Still… this deck is the best of the best. It’s fairly simple to use. Each card has an Ascended Master (from Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, “Isis Unveiled”, yadda yadda yadda) and a “message” from them. We’ve got Jesus, Ganesha, Lakshmi, Buddha, Melkizadek, Lugh, Isis, and Friends all in the same place. It’s a party! It gives very good results, and is pretty easy to use. I like to use it with some of my readins. It works very well as a significator in readings, or to give the general environment of an issue or the heart of the matter. It gives clarification where sometimes you need a bit of extra help. I can overlook my dislike of Dr. Virtue’s work. This deck rocks. It’s a good gift for someone who is interested in tarot and divination, but is intimidated by the process. It’s very easy to use.
  • Tarot of Color Really good info… but it’s too much like flash cards. Best for study.
  • Mythic Tarot I love the stories this deck tells… It’s all based on Greek mythology. Persephone is portrayed beautifully.
  • Giant Rider-Waite Is that a Giant Rider Waite in your pocket, or… Oh. Nevermind.
  • Radiant Rider-Waite This is my favorite RWS clone. It’s color is stunning, but subtle. It’s a bit soft, but friendly.
  • Vanessa Tarot Sassy… Sassy… Sassy… I just got it too long ago. I haven’t read with it yet.
  • Hudes This was one of my first decks. I don’t much like it, actually, but it is nostalgic for me.
  • Renaissance Tarot Another of my very first decks. Again, I just don’t care for it at all.
  • Mystic Faerie It’s a very sweet and subtle deck. The pips tell a good narrative. It doesn’t respond to me at all.
  • Magical Forest So adorable! Kawaii! Squee! The animals have that sad-cute thing happening. Good for kids too.
  • Crystal I was so excited about getting this one… It’s very beautiful, but I can’t read with it at all. I was disappointed.
  • Paulina Tarot It’s all about the art on this one. I can’t read with it, but I love looking at it. It has such a great feel to it. It’s got that charisma you want in an art deck, but a touch of whimsy too. LOVE IT!
  • New Century Meh. The art is cool, but the repetition utterly kills it for me. Love the color though.
  • Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr I don’t use this one often, unless I really need some guidance from the Lady Gods. Again, I love Kris Waldherr’s illustration style and depictions of the gods. This deck is too subtle for me to use often, as I seem to like them rather bold and ballsy. Still, it’s quite lovely.
  • Tarot Art Nouveau I love anything Art Nouveu (MUCHA!), I adore the deck, but reading? Not happening for me.
  • Hello Kitty Ah, yes! I has one of these! It is actually a self-published version. I was bummed out because they ganked the pictures online, and just printed them out pixelation and all. You cannot print online images that are at 72 dpi without pixelation, unless you decrease the size. Grrrrrrr! 300 dpi or more! Grrr! I’m a designerd. It ticked me off. Oh wells… It’s still cute and squee-worthy.
  • Robin Wood I love the Death card on this deck! One of my favorites! A lot of people really love and connect with this deck, but I don’t for whatever reason. It’s nice, but it’s not me.
  • Gilded Bleh. Again, a lot of people really love this deck. It’s very popular. I don’t know why, but I loathe it. I hate using it, although it reads well. It’s smarmy and full of itself. Not my kind of art at all.
  • Enchanted Tarot (Zerner Farber) I have the pocket sized, but I’d like the bigger one. It’s sort of Victorian themed, and it’s made from fabric collages. The images are gorgeously detailed, and intricately textured. It’s the most graceful and genteel of any deck I’ve used. I don’t read all that well with it, but I am quite fond of it.
  • Good Witch/Bad Witch Oracle I liked this little deck… It’s sweet and spunky. Not really serious, but a lot of fun. I could see it as being a great deck for a younger girl interested in crafty crap.
  • Universal Waite Pocket-Deck It’s a tiny little dynamo, that fits neatly in a handbag! I found a little coin pouch at the hippie shop to put it in, and voila! Tarot-To-Go! It’s accurate too, and is a zero-bullshit deck, as I expect a RWS clone to be. It’s a lot like the Radiant, but it’s more responsive for me. I need a bigger one!

2 thoughts on “Ramblings of a Complete & Total Deck Head.

  1. Crap! I just turned down an el cheapo Navigators 😦 Have you got access to the Trading/Buying forum yet? Kiss your pesos goodbye!

    The Halloween tarot is by a local artist! And it’s calling my name… come out and plaaaaaaay… It always has, but I thought it was just too cutesy. Now that I’m getting deeper into this tarot gig, I see that it is actually a very, very deep deck.

    Liber T: I thought it was just a Thoth in control tops and therefore lacking in the dynamism and insanity that make the Thoth the Thoth, but you’re right, the minors totally open up. Re-evaluating. (How do you feel about the Dante?)

    Magical Forest, Crystal, New Century (OMG!) WANT!WANT!WANT! Even though I don’t know if the Crystal would read, the pictures are just too pretty. NC colours suck me in like a black hole of designy goodness and I think the MF is deeper than it looks on the surface.

    I can haz jekuz? Just a little?

  2. I need to see what’s up with that forum… I signed up a week or so ago, but they haven’t approved it yet.

    It could be very, very, very dangerous!

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