The Mad Men (& Women) of Tarot

The Mad Men (& Women) of Tarot

I’ve recently found good reason to be obsessed with the show Mad Men on AMC. It’s fabulous! Thank you, iTunes for doth providing me downloady goodness to get caught up with Season 1. In the spirit of the… How you say? Ah. Yes… Le Tarot, the characters are too good not to be represented in the cards.

Don Draper? He’s the Magician! How could he not be? Words aren’t needed, but if they were, he’d find a way to sell them.

And Betty Draper? Even though I want to kick her in the face, I think more than any other card, she’s The Moon. Sure, the Empress would be obvious, but her isolation and penchant for illusion? That’s all moon, baby!

Joan? Hmmm… The lustier side of Strength. Rawr! She is in complete control, far more than anyone realizes, but with a gently coy smile. She needs to throw some 9 of Pentacles in there to become the woman she truly wants to be. She thinks she needs an Emperor to do that, but times they are a’ changin’. Magicians will only break a girl’s heart.

Peggy Olson? The Fool… for now! Every step she takes is completely new territory. Virgin ground. Once she grows into her role, I could see her being the Hermit for a while, perhaps with time and growing confidence, the Star would prevail. No matter what she does, she will be going it alone. She doesn’t fit into any of the boxes presented to her. Instead, she will have no choice but to forge ahead in the darkness. There is plenty of light, it just seems dim. She’ll be forced to work harder to find fuel for that light, in comparison to her male colleagues, given the times they live in, but she will do it. She has talent, and she will be a great success. She’ll never be recognized in the same manner as her male colleagues, but she will shine. Perhaps with time, even brighter than they do.

Pete Campbell… Hmmmph. I’m not sure where he fits in. I just want to kick him in the nuts.

General consensus of Sterling Cooper? Too many Emperors, not enough High Priestesses. The Lovers battle it out in almost every interaction between men and women. The Devil, and his indulgences are everywhere. What’s a brother gotta do to get a Hierophant to say “Amen” around here?

I must finish watching Season 2… and then I shall commence with the Tarot-ing! Maybe. Probably not. One of the things I love most about studying tarot is how even the silliest things can make you think about it constructively. This isn’t particularly deep, but it flexes the ol’ Tarot muscles. Beefcake, beefcake! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Mad Men (& Women) of Tarot

  1. Ha ha! We watched that episode (from the header pic) just last night!! We are very much infatuated with the show. (And the Good Ship Joan ::mrowr::)

    I think you’ll see Betty morph into another card later on. Still very moony, but I’m seeing her more as one of the Courts right now (won’t ruin the surprise). Joan too, becomes a Court by late into Season 2. Or maybe becomes a conjunct of 2 cards?

    Totally with you on the kicking of Pete in the nuts (a la Cartman voice). Which is the whiniest of the cards?

    As for Peggy… I’ll be quiet 😉

    I need to do more of these exercises, especially when it’s in relation to something as enjoyable and teeth-sink-in-able as MadMen. I think your description of the company is perfect! Damn, those were simpler, smokier, drunker times!

    1. It was really kind of fun thinking about it with my Tarot-Coloured glasses on…

      I might have to do the same for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Bwaahaahaaa!

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