8 of Pentacles… You’d Better Work! Work it, Girl!

8 of Pentacles… You’d Better Work! Work it, Girl!

Craftsmanship. Perfectionism. Precision. Dilligence. Focus. Methodology. Practice. Skill. Experience. Nose to the Grindstone. Knowledge. Detail. Work. Pursuing a Trade. Building. Creating. Apprentice to Foreman to Master Craftsman.

What Is Going On In This Card:
A craftsman or tradesman of some kind is at his workbench, deeply engrossed in his work. He’s a consummate professional, and knows his craft exceptionally well. He’s been doing it for years, and has already made the mistakes of a green, young apprentice. He’s a foreman or journeyman at this point, well seasoned in his given trade. He takes a great deal of pride in his work, and is intesely detailed. To do shoddy work is not an option. His reputation depends on it. He knows he has much to learn in order to become a master craftsman, and he throws himself into his work wholeheartedly in order to acheive this one day. He knows how hard he must work to do so, but his work is a part of himself. It’s not just a job… it reflects who he is as a person. Through pratcice, patience, dilligence, excercising and improving his skills, and a great deal of focus, there is no doubt that he will acheive this.
How It Makes Me Feel:
It makes me think of people who work with their hands, or who do work that has very tangible outcomes. You can see and observe the fruits of their labors. It makes me think of being so engrossed in your work, that you forget to take breaks or stay late just to get that last detail right. There is a swell of pride in accomplishing something through work itself. Or it reminds me of those who are exceptionally good at what they do, through years of experience. I think of my dad who has been a contractor and builder for close to 40 years. While he mostly does drywall taping, he’s quite skilled at any number of things from building decks to cabinets to whole houses. He’s not a great intellectual, nor does he have great style or fanfare in what he does. He simply does the work, and does it well. He goes for deceptively simple seeming, well-made, projects of exceptionally high quality. He is a true craftsman, and cannot bear to do anything halfway, as it reflects badly on who he is as a craftsman and a man. He is well-known in our community for being the best at what he does, without a lot of ego or arrogance. If you want the job done right the first time, he’s the guy for the job. There is a certain level of trust in someone with those types of hard-earned abilities, and the results are plain to see. You can trust him… The work speaks for itself.
What Does The Card Have To Say?
I don’t really have time for this… I’ve got work to do! Just add a little bit more polish… that’s it. We really want to bring out that subtle shine. One thing I’ve noticed, you’re holding your chisel at a weird angle. Let me show you a different way to do it that will make it easier, and more precise. That’s it. I have a few things I’d like to finish up… You go on to lunch. I’ll stay in the workshop. When you get back, I’m going to go to the supplier and look at some materials. I’m just not happy with this wood. It seems a little soft. I’m afraid it might not be sturdy enough. No, really. I packed a sandwhich. Go ahead to lunch… It’s okay. I could use the quiet time. I need to concentrate on getting this just right..

2 thoughts on “8 of Pentacles… You’d Better Work! Work it, Girl!

  1. Read an interesting discussion on the Aeclectic forum re: the 3 of Pents vs. the 8 of Pents, the Apprentice vs. the Master. I wish I’d had the sense to bookmark the thread…

    I’m loving your interpretations and the stories you tell!

    1. It’s been really good for me to put the books up, and just look at what’s there. I’m starting to see that I’m retaining more that I’ve been giving myself credit for, and I’m feeling more confident about it. I’m glad someone is enjoying it besides me. 🙂

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