10/19/09 “Everyday” Spread

10/19/09 “Everyday” Spread

The Everyday Spread is a very basic three card spread. Normally I wouldn’t get this detailed when it comes to looking at an Everyday or a three card spread I’m using just to tell me what kind of work day I’m going to have. Generally, it’s… “8 of Cups… I will want to quit today! Again! Better get a Venti coffee, instead of a Tall. And muffins! I must partake of delicious muffins!”. The minutiae is a bit much for me. I’m a big picture kind of dame! But, I’m in a weird place with my job right now, basically just waiting for some changes to be sorted out. It’s been frustrating, since I hate not knowing and being bored. A lot of people would love that, but not me! I’m one industrious mother fucker. I don’t see myself posting these daily, since I really only manage three or four a week, but thought I’d start somewhere. Why not?
1. Types of Events for Today: 8 of Swords & 3 of Pentacles

Crikey. This doesn’t look especially good. I’ve been in a holding pattern at work. I’m going to be getting a new boss soon, and while I still have a job, I’m running out of work to do in the mean time. It’s all going to be rectified eventually, but I’m not very patient, particularly when I’m bored and restless. I feel very powerless in all of it and confused, since the decisions are out of my hands. No one is telling me anything, or at least what I feel I need to know. I’m feeling stuck, more than anything. I want answers, but I don’t know where to even begin asking or even if I should ask. I know better, but not knowing is making me feel insecure. The 8 of Swords isn’t telling me anything I don’t already know, it’s merely reminding me that there is a possibility for more feelings on this today. The 3 of Pents looks good though. I know that I do have help. One of my managers has been amazingly supportive for me all throughout, and so have a number of my colleagues. I’m wondering if we might collaborate today, and that it might help get me out of my funk. I’m also thinking it could mean that someone might remember that I’m down here by myself, and see that I really am doing well despite my current set-backs.

Later: I found out that one of my colleagues who is VERY well-respected recommended me for a job. It’s kind of a lateral move, but is a promotion in a way. Three of Pents! I love you! Her input means a great deal professionally, and I feel honored that she thought of me personally. Our departments don’t mix or mingle but by the watercooler.

2. How I’ll React to Them: The Chariot
I have a feeling that I will just jump right into whatever needs to be done today, and just go for it. That’s probably the only way to get past the 8 of Swords. It’s probably what will make the 3 of Pents possible. I have a feeling I may also have to drive to a few different offices today, or that I may need to make a trip. “Let’s Get It Done!”.

Later: I made a phone call I was dreading that may possibly help me get the promotion. I was feeling all glum since my previous email inquiry wasn’t responded to. I was debating it, and said “Fuck it! What will it hurt?”, and just went for it. This occurred before I knew about my colleague’s contribution. Still, felt very restless like I needed to go somewhere, but there really wasn’t anywhere to go. I need to get things moving (fucking Chariot!), but am still blocked in some ways (8 of Pents, as relates to that damned Hanging Man who keeps telling me to be patient and wait this out, that it will work out to my benefit. )

3. Any Course of Action or Details That Will Help: Justice

When it comes down to it, I know that justice will be served. There is a certain amount of action implied here, and with the Chariot showing up also, I would say that it’s probably best to stay focused on projects at hand, rather than getting caught up in a pity party. There are things to be done, and I don’t do myself any favors by whining about them. Keeping in balance is imperative, and I think if I just jump into my work without a lot of fuss or fanfare, I’ll end up having a better day for it all.

Later: I really tried to focus, but it was rough. My workload was light today. So I worked on Tarot blog stuff. Yes. At work. I never do that. I was bored. It was better than shoe shopping. It kept my mind occupied, which was better than not. Tomorrow is another day!


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